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particles - where science matters
intersection of science and impact

Particles is where science matters.

  • quote science is the engine of prosperity

    What is Particles?

    Particles lives at the intersection of science and impact. Here, you’ll find out how innovation, technology, and scientific and product advancements have helped improve the human experience.

    In nature, particles are often described as elements of matter. Particles by 3M is a collection of different elements – types and styles of storytelling – all bringing forward the positive impacts of science in our lives in a substantive and valuable way. This storytelling manifests itself in various forms: short, easily consumable tidbits of scientific knowledge, utility-driven information, extensive industry content, and ground-breaking thought leadership pieces.

    At 3M, we celebrate science. It is our driving force. It influences everything around us – in many ways you may not have realized. For us and the world, science is the engine of prosperity.

    In the cars, trains, and planes that move us, our homes, offices and buildings, our smartphones, the energy that lights a room, in the pumping of an artificial heart, even the clothes we wear – the micro and the macro.  All developed and improved through science.

    Think of Particles as your digital home for stories that celebrate science. And life. Both big and small.

    Particles is where science matters.

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