3M™ Ranger® Pressure Infusor IV Pole Offset, 90068

  • 3M ID 7100212568
  • UPC 00707387790233

Height adjustable from 73.5 in to 105 in (187 cm to 267 cm)


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Product Type Pressure Infusor


  • Height adjustable from 73.5 in to 105 in (187 cm to 267 cm)
  • Easy-to-use

The 3M™ Ranger™ pressure infusor off set IV pole was designed to be used with the 3M™ Ranger™ IV pole base (model 90124), and 3M™ Ranger™ pressure infusor (model 14500) to support the delivery of blood & fluid safely at rates up to 500 mL/min from the 3M™

The Ranger pressure infusor is stand-alone device which applies up to 300 mmHg of pressure to blood & fluid bags housed in two attached chambers. The Ranger pressure infusor is designed for use with the 3M Ranger high flow blood/fluid warming system. The system includes three separate pieces: the pressure infusor (model 14500), I.V. pole (model 90068) and I.V. pole base (model 90124). Items are purchased separately. For optimum use and stability it is required that all three system components (14500, 90068, 90124) be used in conjunction.

Suggested applications
  • ER, OR, ICU


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