3M™ Medical Securement Tube and Organizer, 1115NS

  • 3M ID 70200741992
  • UPC 50707387563092,00707387563097



Tube and cord organizer

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  • White
  • Adjustable
  • Tube and cord organizer

This is a tape-based reclosures organizer (1115NS) for use on surgical gowns and drapes or equipment. The product is supplied in bulk packaging, can be EtO sterilized for use in the operating room and included in procedure kits and packs. May be used for health care medical devices.

3M Medical Materials and Technologies helps health care manufacturers design and build more reliable, innovative and feature-rich medical devices. Customers leverage 3M technical expertise to select materials and technologies that integrate together for their break-through medical industry, device innovations designed for improving or enhancing lives.

Suggested applications
  • General medical device use
  • May also be used as a closure or conformable structured component
  • Used in surgical drapes requiring pouches needing to have a flexible wire to maintain an open side of the pouch
  • Material and / or technology for health care or medical device construction