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Scotch® Magic™ Tape Refill Rolls

  • Part Number 99826866
  • 3M ID CBGNHW011125
  • UPC 00051141919102,00051141916354,50051141916373,00021200523793,00021200981982,50051141348280,50051131966869,50021200529837,50021200074320,00021200073694,00021200596889,00051141332598,00021200518089,50021200513010,50051141347627,00021200698835,00051141347622,50051141347641,50021200691497,50021200059044,50021200591483,00021200591488,00051131980488,00021200691492,00051141348285,00051141332628,50021200073699,00051135807019,50051141369322,00021200073793,00021200520976,50051131967859,50021200519012,50051141939358,50021200596884,50051141368868,00051135815830,00053200020200,00051131966864,00051111027097,00051131999121,00021200509711,50051141374166,00021200526671,50051141347665,00051141910000,50021200074313,00021200594816,50051141369278,50021200466118,00021200073786,00021200073700,50051141347658,00021200520204,50021200510699,50051141369186,00051141347653,50021200073798,00021200073779,50051135807014,50051135815835,00021200705939,50051131645948,50021200590240,00021200519017,00076308873066,00051141949000,00021200596841,00051131967854,00051141234564,00051141943404,50051131863946,50051141374302,50051141313929,00051131591158,00021200513015,00638060074343,00051141234557,00051141313924,50021200472430,50021200705934,00021200727900,00051131591165,00021200510694,50021200073774,70051141919101,00051141916378,50021200518084,00021200590245,50021200523798,00021200074325,50051131980483,50021200596846,50051131645924,00021200059049,50051141916359,50051141919107,50021200073705,021200510699,00051141347646,00021200074318,50021200520209,50051111027092,00021200516702,50021200073781,00051131835603,00051141313948,00021200466113

The original matte-finish, invisible tape

Great for quick fixes, mounting or additions to your project

Easy-to-apply design that doesn't dry out

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  • The original matte-finish, invisible tape
  • Great for quick fixes, mounting or additions to your project
  • Easy-to-apply design that doesn't dry out
  • Stands up to faxes, scanners and copiers
  • Comes off the roll smoothly, cuts easily
  • Preferred tape for offices, homes and schools
  • Scotch® Magic™ Tape Refills are compatible with all of the Scotch® Brand desktop dispensers for easy use
  • Disappears on office paper
  • Write on it with pen, pencil or marker
  • Photo safe
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials

Scotch® Magic™ Tape is the preferred tape for offices, homes and schools. It's invisible when applied and won't show on copies. This is an ideal tape for permanent paper mending. It can be written on with pen, pencil or marker, it pulls off the roll smoothly. Scotch® Magic™ Tape cuts easily and is very reliable. The tape is photo safe and made in the USA with globally sourced materials.

Scotch® Magic™ Tape works as hard as you do to fix all the little imperfections at home, school and the office. The Scotch® Brand's famous matte-finish invisible tape uses unique 3M adhesive technology to bond tightly with paper and disappear without a trace. Write on it with pencil, pen or marker-every word is loud and clear. Scotch® Magic™ Tape: Always ready for big ideas and everyday mends.


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Acid Free No, Yes
Adhesive Type Permanent
Application Ideal for permanent paper mending
Backing Material Matte Acetate
Brands Scotch®
Clean Removal Yes
Core Size (Imperial) 1 in, 3 in, 1 none
Core Size (Metric) 25.4 mm, 76.2 mm
Dispenser No, Yes
Factory ISO Certification No ISO Certification information available
Material Cellulose Acetate
Number of Adhesive Sides Single-sided
Overall Length (Imperial) 800 in, 1,000 in, 1,296 in, 2,592 in, 36 yd, 41.667 ft, 72 yd, 900 in, 750 in, 500 in
Overall Length (Metric) 20.3 mm, 25.4 mm, 65.84 m, 65.84 mm, 32.9 mm, 12.7 m, 65.8 mm, 32.9 m, 65.8 m, 65,836 mm, 33 m, 12.7 mm
Overall Width (Imperial) 0.75 in, 3 in, 1 in, 0.748 in, 5 in, 0.5 in
Overall Width (Metric) 19 mm, 25.4 mm, 19.05 mm, 12.7 mm, 9.525 mm
Package Configurations Magic Tape Refill on a backcard,Raisin Pack,Magic Tape Refill in a Bag,End Pack,Cabinet Pack,Double Stack End Pack,Magic Tape Refill on a Backcard
Package Contents 1 Roll/Bag,1 Roll/Box, 2 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 24 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 4 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box,1 Roll/Box, 3 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 8 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 6 Boxes/Pack,3 Rolls/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 20 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 18 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 10 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 16 Boxes/Pack,1 Roll/Box, 12 Boxes/Pack,1/pack
Photo Safe Yes, Photo Safe
Product Color Transparent
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