FUTURO™ Trouser Socks for Women, Mild Compression

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Mild Compression ( 8-15 mm/Hg)

Size: M, L

Color: Black

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  • Mild Compression ( 8-15 mm/Hg)
  • Size: M, L
  • Color: Black
  • Vein therapy helps relieve symptoms of mild varicose veins and swelling
  • Ideal for standing or sitting all day or active office work
  • Massages tired, achy legs as you move
  • Graduated compression helps improve circulation
  • Attractive, wide band holds socks in place
  • Great for business casual and weekend wear
  • Balloon toe and reciprocated heel for soft comfort
  • Made from a comfortable blend of nylon and spandex

Graduated compression improves circulation with maximum compression at the ankle that gradually decreases up the leg to provide an energizing feeling. Helps energize tired or achy legs, mild spider and varicose veins and mild swelling.

Provide an energizing boost to your day with the FUTURO™ Trouser Socks for Women. If you're constantly moving or hustling around the office, these stylish compression socks help keep your legs comfortable throughout the day and well into the night. Treat your tired, achy legs to the relief of improved circulation provided by graduated compression. Great for here, there and anytime wear, the silky soft FUTURO™ Trouser Socks for Women ensure that comfort and relief go where you go.


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Body Part Leg
Brands FUTURO™
Compression Level Mild
Condition Mild Varicose Veins or Swelling, Achy or Tired Legs
Product Type Graduated Compression Hosiery
Product Usage Mild Varicose Veins, Swelling, Achy or Tired Legs
Size Medium, Large
Sizes Available Medium,Large
Support Level Mild
Support and Compression Level Mild
Type Anti-Embolism Stockings, Trouser Socks