3M™ Silicon Carbide Materials

  • 3M ID B49000175

Exhibits extremely high hardness

Offers high wear and chemical resistance

Tribological performance under high load, including pressure, sliding speed, temperature

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  • Exhibits extremely high hardness
  • Offers high wear and chemical resistance
  • Tribological performance under high load, including pressure, sliding speed, temperature
  • Provides corrosion resistance

3M™ Silicon Carbide Materials are used in a wide variety of industries and applications such as sealing components, blasting nozzles, sliding bearings, and flow reactors. Silicon carbide is an effective material for applications in which wear and corrosion resistance are critical concerns.

Preferred Choice for Demanding Applications
The microstructure and excellent physical properties of 3M™ Silicon Carbide Materials allow it to withstand some of the most demanding conditions in a wide variety of industries. Components made of 3M silicon carbide have an excellent track record over decades of use, and applications for these versatile materials continue to expand. Our experienced scientists work to develop ceramic-based solutions tailored to customers’ requirements.

Durable Under Extreme Conditions
Our silicon carbide materials offer tribological performance under high load, including pressure, sliding speed and temperature. Components manufactured from silicon carbide provide long-lasting service due to its high resistance to wear, corrosion resistance in aggressive media and thermal shock resistance with low distortion under thermal loads.

The Differences among Silicon Carbide Grades
3M offers six grades of silicon carbide in this product, each exhibiting various properties. Differences are described below:

The all-purpose grade
3M™ Silicon Carbide Grade F 

Good chemical resistance, low specific density, high hardness and wear resistance, outstanding thermal conductivity properties and resistance to fluctuations in temperature. 3M silicon carbide grade F combines all these specific advantages of sintered silicon carbide, particularly for bearings and seals for use in pumps.

The corrosion-resistant grade
3M™ Silicon Carbide Grade C 

Resistance to corrosion is a particular problem where aggressive chemicals or hot water are being transferred, e.g. by circulating pumps. 3M silicon carbide grade C has proven highly effective in corrosive environments.

The high-strength grades
3M™ Silicon Carbide Grade F plus and Grade T plus 

Two high-density materials achieve the optimum strength for silicon carbide. These non-porous, fine-grained grades are designed to provide very high mechanical strength and edge stability. 3M silicon carbide grade F plus and grade T plus are ideal materials for complex thermal and mechanical loads.

The tribological grades
3M™ Silicon Carbide Grade P and Grade G 

These grades offer improved dry run and mixed friction properties that are especially valuable in sliding and friction systems.

About 3M Advanced Ceramics
3M advanced ceramic products are manufactured at ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities. Our manufacturing processes are optimized for quality, efficiency and consistency – helping ensure reliable and repeatable product performance. We have more than 85 years of experience in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge ceramic solutions, and we continually work to develop new applications for ceramic materials in cooperation with our customers and with research institutions.


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