3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE TF 9201Z

3M ID 7000059145UPC 040467191317923M Product Number TF 9201Z
  • Additive to improve non-stick properties
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Typical Properties
Attribute Name
Paints and Coatings, Rubber and Plastic
Net Weight (Imperial)
55 lb
Net Weight (Metric)
25 kg
Product Form
Micronized Powder
  • Additive to improve non-stick properties

3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE Micropowder TF 9201Z is a white, non-free flowing agglomerate of fine, low molecular PTFE micropowder. The agglomerate features a particle size of around 9 μm.

TF 9201Z is a low molecular weight PTFE micropowder used as an additive to improve non-stick properties, reduce coefficient of friction, and increase wear resistance of the matrix material.