3M™ Gripping Material TB641

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Soft, adhesive backed gripping material designed to stick on contact

Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive designed to bond to a wide variety of surfaces

Soft, thermoplastic elastomer gripping polymer provides high friction properties with increased cushioning, comfort, flexibility and softness

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  • Soft, adhesive backed gripping material designed to stick on contact
  • Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive designed to bond to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Soft, thermoplastic elastomer gripping polymer provides high friction properties with increased cushioning, comfort, flexibility and softness
  • When mated, delivers high coefficient of friction properties, even in wet conditions
  • Designed to provide slip resistance and easy-release properties

Constructed with thousands of micro-replicated gripping fingers, 3M™ Gripping Material TB641 provides a lighter, yet tighter grip for maximum hold with minimum effort. Designed to enhance grip and reduce slippage, this product is a soft gripping material. Backed with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, this gripping material can bond to a variety surfaces.

3M™ Gripping Material TB641
Offers abrasion and puncture resistance, slip resistance, vibration dampening, and easy release
Easy and Convenient Trial Bags
With our easy and convenient trial bags, you can reduce waste and maximize your application without the cost of a full roll of material. When mated with another gripping material, our 3M™ Gripping Material TB641 provides good durability and high coefficient of friction properties. This soft, black gripping material utilizes our proprietary micro-replication technology to create thousands of tiny replicated fingers that enhance grip and reduce slippage. This peel-and-stick product is designed to bond to many surfaces, providing a quick and easy increase in traction. Used alone, this material provides a secure grip, but when used in conjunction with another gripping material, such as sewn into a glove and wrapped onto a handle bar, grip strength is maximized even in wet conditions. With the best UV sunlight resistance of the gripping material products, this material is an ideal choice for exterior applications or those applications which will expose the material to some sunlight.

Recommended Applications
  • Equipment handles, levers and grips on industrial equipment and tools
  • Truck, forklift and auto steering wheels
  • Power tools, gardening equipment, lawn mowers and snow blowers
  • Sports equipment handles
Here's a Grip Tip
3M™ Gripping Material TB641 is constructed with a thin and flexible fabric backing that is laminated to an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive designed to easily apply using a peel and stick application method. It bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including low surface energy substrates, such as low surface energy plastics and powder coated paints and can be spiral wrapped around handles and shafts. 3M™ Gripping Material products can be shear cut, die-cut, laser cut or converted by other applicable methods.

Performance in a Wide Range of Temperatures
3M™ Gripping Material TB641 performs well across a broad range of temperatures, ranging from -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C) indoors and outdoors.


About our 3M™ Gripping Materials
Our gripping materials are available in roll or sheet form in a wide range of tactility from very soft to firm. Soft gripping material products are designed to be more comfortable during skin contact and tend to be more flexible to contour more easily to tighter curves. Firm gripping material products are extremely durable, and tend to be stiffer. If prolonged service life in harsh use conditions is a critical feature for your product, durability of the gripping material increases with firmness. Actual service life will depend on frequency of use and severity of end use conditions, but typically, most 3M™ Gripping Material can outlast leather in a factory or in the field. 3M™ Gripping Material products are designed to be used alone, or as a two-part mated system. When used alone (on a single surface), the 3M™ Gripping Materials (PDF, 13.73 Mb) provide a strong secure grip. When used as a two-part mated system, for example, on a glove and handle bar, grip strength is maximized.

View the 3M™ Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Interactive Catalog (PDF, 17.68 Mb)

Product Color Durability
mils (mm)
oz/yd2 (g/m2)
Temp. Use
°F (°C)
Chemical Resistance
UV Resistance
Size Trial Bags
Mated Unmated
Adhesive-backed: 3M pressure sensitive acrylic for bonding to high and low surface energy materials
GM400 Black 10 10 3 10 33 (0.8) 12.9 (440) -40 to 160°
(-40 to 71°)
10 10 1" x 72 yds.
24" x 72 yds.
GM614 Grey 1 7 10 1 3 5 TB614
GM631 Grey 5 8 9 4 5 5 TB631
GM641 Black 8 9 7 6 7 5 TB641
GM731 Clear 10 10 3 10 10 7 TB731
Plain-backed: washable nylon knit with moderate stretch for sew-on applications
GM110 Black 10 10 3 10 33 (0.8) 10.7 (336) -40 to 160°
(-40 to 71°)
10 10 24" x as requested N/A
GM613 Grey 1 7 10 1 3 5
GM630 Grey 5 8 9 4 5 5
GM640 Black 8 9 7 6 7 5

Note: All technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.

Typical properties



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