3M™ Super Red Putty

  • 3M ID B40067514

1K putty for minor surface blemishes

Feathers out to a smooth surface

Cured putty sands easily, even after overnight drying

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  • 1K putty for minor surface blemishes
  • Feathers out to a smooth surface
  • Cured putty sands easily, even after overnight drying
  • Nitrocellulose-base putty offers generous 3-minute working time

3M™ Super Red Putty is a 1k glazing putty that's easy to spread and self-levels for repairing minor surface imperfections such as scratches, pinholes and stone chips. Our nitrocellulose-base putty offers a generous working time of approximately 3 minutes, yet dries quickly enough to be ready for sanding in about 30 minutes.

Conceal Minor Surface Blemishes
When minor nicks, dings and dents mar the surface of your vehicle, a quick-solution repair is easy with 3M™ Super Red Putty. Our single-component glazing putty is ready to use without any mixing or blending with a separate hardener, so any preparatory work or chance of mixing errors has been eliminated. The putty has been formulated so that it spreads with high consistency. Excellent feathering properties produce smooth feather edge where the repair blends into the surrounding surface, which reduces sanding needed to smooth the edge.

Versatile Glazing Putty
While primarily formulated for minor repairs, our 3M™ Super Red Putty has a working and dry time that also makes it suitable for larger areas, allowing you to coat an entire area with one thin application. Under typical working conditions, you will have approximately 3 minutes to work the putty, which should be adequate under most circumstances. This item is our slowest drying nitrocellulose formula putty. This air dry formula skins over quickly and may be sanded in 30 minutes when applied in 1/16" thicknesses or less with ambient temperature conditions of 72°F. It still sands easily after drying overnight.

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Before using this product, please reference Product Label and/or Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety Information.

WARNING: FLAMMABLE LIQUID AND VAPOR. VAPOR HARMFUL. MAY BE HARMFUL IF INHALED. CAUSES EYE IRRITATION. May irritate the nose and throat and may cause dizziness, headache or nausea. Overexposure may affect hearing. Contains chemicals which can cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Directions for Use*

  1. Do not apply when ambient temperatures are below 55°F or above 110°F. Use in a well ventilated area away from sparks or open flame.
  2. For best results, apply only over clean primed surfaces. (Use compressed air to remove any dust contamination).
  3. Apply using a plastic or metal spreader pressing the putty firmly into the imperfections; keep the application thickness to 1/16" or less. Apply in thin coats instead of one thick application.
  4. Allow to dry for 15 minutes at 72°F prior to sanding. Sand (wet or dry) using 3M™ abrasives in the following sequence P180, P220, P320. Note: As with any putty, longer drying times will occur with high humidity, thick applications and low temperatures.
  5. Re-clean surface prior to priming or top coating. (Follow paint manufacturer's recommendation for priming and top coating

3M Science Solves Common Challenges
Automotive technicians has long appreciated the working properties of nitrocellulose-base putty, but if only they could extend the working time just a bit. We used science with our 3M™ Super Red Putty to create a nitrocellulose-base product that gives extra time for working. It's just one way we have used science to help automotive professionals achieve greater success.

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