3M™ Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Capsule

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Absolute-rated filter provides consistent filtration quality

All polypropylene depth filter capsules allow for broad chemical and temperature compatibility

Ratings from 0.5 to 70 micron suit a wide range of applications

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  • Absolute-rated filter provides consistent filtration quality
  • All polypropylene depth filter capsules allow for broad chemical and temperature compatibility
  • Ratings from 0.5 to 70 micron suit a wide range of applications
  • Exhibits superior particle retention under increasing differential pressure
  • Three distinct media sections provide as much as 3 times greater dirt holding capacity than competitive filters

Betapure™ NT-T Series filter capsules represent one of our latest advances in depth filtration technology using all polypropylene construction and a design that utilises flow enhancing filter media and an innovative flow pattern. The result is an absolute-rated filter with vastly superior on-stream life that provides more cost effective filtration than conventional melt-blown filter technologies.

No Ordinary Construction
We designed the Betapure NT-T Series capsule to provide significantly superior service life while maintaining a consistent filtration efficiency. Betapure NT-T Series filters achieve this through our innovative capsule design that allows uniform distribution of fluid flow and contaminant throughout the entire depth of the capsule.

Betapure NT-T Series filter construction combines a polypropylene media with fluid distribution netting to form multiple layers. Critically positioned media flow channels allow greater movement of fluid from layer to layer.

We combine three distinct media sections, made from multiple media/netting layers, to form the filter capsule. The outer and middle sections contain multiple layers of interleaved filter media and fluid distribution netting.

Within each media layer a portion of the fluid travels through the media while the balance of the fluid is delivered directly to the next distribution layer through the flow channels. The fluid distribution netting provides longitudinal and latitudinal flow paths to evenly distribute fluid flow across the surface of each successive media layer.

No Ordinary Performance
We set flow distribution channels in the outer and middle sections of the filter matrix. The size, number, and location of the flow channels combined with the fluid distribution netting ensure that a uniform amount of contaminant is distributed to each layer within these two sections while maintaining a consistent flow. The number of media flow channels decrease from the outer to middle sections to ensure even contaminant loading throughout the entire filter matrix.

Extensive laboratory testing has demonstrated that we have developed the optimal filter design. The inner section, supported by a rigid polypropylene core and equal to approximately one third of the filter’s depth, contains no flow channels and is the final qualifying section ensuring absolute rated performance.

The even distribution of contaminated fluid throughout the depth of the capsule is the key to the Betapure NT-T Series filter’s exceptionally long service life, low pressure drops, and increased cost effectiveness.

Extraordinary Results, Superior Filter Service Life
Our extensive testing has demonstrated that competitive filters of equivalent removal ratings subjected to the same contaminant load plug more quickly than Betapure NT-T Series filters. The result is significantly shorter service life, and unpredictable filtration efficiencies. Betapure NT-T Series filters provide you with a service life improvement of up to 3 times greater than competitive products.

Lower Pressure Drop
Our design and construction allows for significantly lower pressure drops compared to equivalently rated polypropylene depth filters. For the same initial capsule differential pressure, a 110 gpm system using Betapure NT-T Series filters require significantly fewer capsules. This results in lower capital investment for the filter housing and fewer capsules to purchase.

The Confidence of Consistency
Betapure™ NT-T Series filters utilise our advanced design and construction to achieve a level of filtration consistency unattainable by competitive filters. Combined with an exceptionally long service life, the Betapure NT-T Series filter’s consistent performance gives you predictable results throughout its service life.