3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5056

Part Number PF-5056
    • Thermal stability
    • Chemical stability
    • Wide liquid range
    • Non-conductive
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    Volume (Imperial)
    Volume (Metric)
    Net Weight (Imperial)
    Net Weight (Metric)
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    Typical Properties
    Attribute Name
    Heat Transfer
    Boiling Point (Celsius)
    56 Degree Celsius
    Max Use Temp Range
    <250 Degree C
    Net Weight (Imperial)
    14 lb, 70 lb, 750 lb
    Net Weight (Metric)
    295 kg, 32 kg, 340 kg, 35 kg
    Overall Height (Imperial)
    13.5 in
    Overall Height (Metric)
    34.29 cm
    Overall Length (Imperial)
    11.44 in
    Overall Length (Metric)
    29.06 cm
    Overall Width (Imperial)
    11.44 in
    Overall Width (Metric)
    290.576 mm
    Plastic Elastomer Compatibility
    Volume (Imperial)
    1 gal, 5 gal, 55 gal
    Volume (Metric)
    18.93 L, 250.035 L, 4.546 L
    • Thermal stability
    • Chemical stability
    • Wide liquid range
    • Non-conductive

    3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5056 is a colorless, fully-fluorinated liquid. It is chemically & thermally stable, non-flammable & practically non-toxic. It is effective in reducing the thermal conductivity of polyurethane & other rigid foam formulations.

    Additional Information 3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5056, used in concentrations as low as 0.5% of the total foam weight, is effective at reducing the foam-cell size and thus the thermal conductivity of foam. The lower foam thermal conductivity helps manufacturers meet the continually tightening energy efficiency targets placed on appliances and other energy-sensitive applications. The resulting foams display k-factors that are typically 3% to 15% lower than those formulated without the additive. Like other 3M Performance Fluids, PF-5056 fluid is chemically and thermally stable, practically non-toxic and nonflammable.