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25 Products


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3M™ General Purpose PTFE Glass Cloth Tape 5151PL
Image of a worker using a retractable blade to cut a wide cloth tape at the edge of a metal plate
Tapes for all purposes

Tough jobs require tough tapes – the 3M family of cloth tapes includes glass cloth backings that perform under the most demanding conditions.

Improved solvent and heat resistance for the toughest environments

For stability in the harshest environments, the 3M Cloth Tapes family includes glass cloth tapes designed to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 450° with high adhesion and a strong backing that resists abrasion, shrinking, rotting and burning. This product line is ideal for splicing fabrics or textured surfaces and includes options for flame retardant protection and thermosetable capabilities.

Featured products

  • For applications requiring high-temperature resistance, high adhesion and clean removal, 3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 361 features a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive that provides long-lasting holding power.

  • A flame retardant solution for many aerospace and MRO applications, 3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 398FR features a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that bonds on contact to a variety of substrates and remains secure, resisting wear and spills.

  • A rubber resin adhesive tape coated with a strong, conformable glass cloth backing, 3M™ Thermosetable Glass Cloth Tape 365 can be used in many applications requiring high initial adhesion, high tensile strength and temperature resistance.