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3M™ Bayonet Cap 6880/37002(AAD), 10 ea/Bag 3M™ Speaking Diaphragm Kit 7895, 2 EA/Case 3M™ Frame Kit 6899/37007(AAD) 3M™ Removable DIN Connector 7886, Replacement Part 2 EA/Case 3M™ Exhalation Valve Cover 7918 3M™ Exhalation Valve Cover FF-400-09 3M™ Nose Cup Assembly 7881S, Silicone, 5 EA/Case 3M™ Exhalation Valve Assembly FF-400-07 3M™ Speaking Diaphragm Assembly FF-400-13, 5 EA/Case 3M™ Inhalation Valve 7282, 200 EA/Case 3M™ Breathing Room Assembly 7916-5, Replacement Part 5 EA/Case 3M™ Tinted Lens Cover 7986, Accessory 25 EA/BAG 3M™ Inhalation Port Gasket 7887, Replacement Part 20 EA/Case 3M™ Cartridge Filter Holder 7586, 20 EA/Case 3M™ Respirator Replacement Strap 7580 3M™ Comfort Cradle Head Harness Attachment FF-400-06 3M™ Head Harness Assembly 6281, 20 EA/Case 3M™ Lens Frame Assembly FF-400-05 3M™ Full Facepiece Button 7989 3M™ Buckle FF-400-01 3M™ Band Clamp 7914, 5 EA/Case 3M™ Air Inlet Gasket 7999, Replacement Part 10 EA/Case 3M™ DIN Air Director 6881, 5 EA/Case 3M™ Button FF-400-02

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3M is focused on working with the government and authorized distributors to supply PPE to healthcare providers, first responders, and other essential workers, including providing support to industrial customers as the economy continues to open.

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