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3M™ WorkTunes™ + AM/FM Hearing Protector
  • You know wearing hearing protection in noisy environments is important for worker safety, but sometimes the ability to hear alarms and vehicles and effectively communicate with other workers can be equally important.

  • These 3M™ PELTOR™ Over-Ear Headsets utilize environmental listening technology to help reduce potentially harmful noise when needed and enable normal listening when sound levels are below 82dBA. Plus, they combine professional-grade durability with lightweight comfort for all-day wearability.

    Learn more about choosing an over-ear headset and other 3M™ PELTOR™ Protective Communications.

Audio options for over-ear headsets

  • Integrated communication

    Hearing protection combined with wireless two-way communication and a noise-cancelling microphone, these 3M PELTOR Headsets allow you to clearly communicate in noise.

  • Wired protection

    With a wide selection of compatible cables, you can easily connect these 3M PELTOR Headsets to an external device for hearing protection and the ability to hear and/or communicate in noisy environments.

  • Bluetooth® enabled

    For a wireless connection to your two-way radio or smart device, choose from an assortment of protective communication headsets featuring Bluetooth® technology.

  • AM/FM radio

    Listen to your favorite music or audiobook while wearing your hearing protection.

  • Intrinsically safe

    When working in a potentially explosive atmosphere, choose a 3M PELTOR Headset certified to be intrinsically safe.

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