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3M™ PRESS-ON™ Prism, 90-12000, 20.00 Diopter 3M™ PRESS-ON™ Prism, 90-12500, 25.00 Diopter 3M™ PRESS-ON™ Aspheric Lens, 90-21200, +12.00 Diopter 3M™ PRESS-ON™ Aspheric Lens, 90-21400, +14.00 Diopter 3M™ PRESS-ON™ Prism, 90-13000, 30.00 Diopter 3M™ PRESS-ON™ Aspheric Lens, 90-21600, +16.00 Diopter 3M™ PRESS-ON™ Prism, 90-13500, 35.00 Diopter 3M™ PRESS-ON™ Prism, 90-14000, 40.00 Diopter
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For additional enquiries about exporting, distributing or other services, please contact 3M at 3M Health Care Customer Help Line at 1-800-228-3957.

For additional enquiries about exporting, distributing or other services, please contact 3M at 3M Health Care Customer Help Line at 1-800-228-3957.

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Optical Solutions - Seeing More Clearly

3M offers you a variety of proven solutions to help make it easier to produce consistently high-quality optical lenses at a competitive cost. Products such as 3M™ LEAP™ Blocking Pads, protective tapes and other laboratory consumables are derived from 3M’s decades-long expertise in adhesives, precision coatings, optics and other advanced technologies. This includes specialty solutions for low surface energy materials such as hydrophobic coated lenses.

3M Press-On Optics offer eye care professionals the ability to correct several visual disorders in a simple, therapeutic, inexpensive way. This immediate correction is more comfortable and cosmetically appealing without adding any noticeable weight or thickness to the spectacle, nor causing damage. 3M, LEAP, Surface Saver, and Press-On are Trademarks of 3M.

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    Many technological advancements in lens manufacturing have changed all aspects of the industry, but not the need for quality and reliable optical lens products. 3M has kept up with significant advancements in optical tape technology, materials, construction and manufacturing to meet the needs of the ever-changing optical lens processing industry.

When you are designing a medical device that must attach to a patient’s skin, a lot depends on your choice of adhesive system. How long will the device remain on the patient? Does it need to be conformable? What skin types or conditions will be encountered? Will the adhesive be compatible with both your materials of construction and the patient? Should the adhesive be medical grade?