3M Composite Resins for Aerospace

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9 Products


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3M™ Matrix Resin 8832 3M™ Matrix Resin 8834 3M™ Matrix Resin 3831 3M™ Matrix Resin 4833 3M™ Matrix Resin 3892 3M™ Matrix Resin 8831 3M™ Matrix Resin 8833, 600 lb, 55 gal , Drum/Case 3M™ Matrix Resin 8830 3M™ Matrix Resin 2896
You design it. 3M™ Matrix Resins make it amazing.

You design it. 3M™ Matrix Resins make it amazing.

Make it stronger. Make it lighter. Without the high cost of carbon fiber.


3M™ Matrix Resin Processes

You don’t need costly carbon fiber to create powerful, light designs. 3M™ Matrix Resins – for the next generation of high-performance, lightweight and more cost-effective composite structures.

  • Filament Winding

    Low-viscosity epoxy-based 3M™ Matrix Resins are ideal for filament winding for manufacturing cylinders and closed-end structures, such as pressure vessels or tanks

  • Pultrusion

    Excellent fatigue and impact resistance combined with low-viscosity and low-temperature cure make these resins the lightweight solution for pultrusion applications.


    Avoid issues of temperature control, resin flow and cure rates associated with resin infused molding. Low-viscosity 3M™ Matrix Resins are designed for RTM and VARTM, providing higher performance and increased strength at lower cost.

  • Vacuum Infusion

    Create high-strength, lighter weight parts with confidence. 3M™ Matrix Resins give you control over viscosity and flow distance for more durable low-cost results.

  • Tooling

    Our epoxy resins and additives improve dimensional stability for near-net shape tooling.

  • Prepreg

    Improve part strength in tension, compression, flexure and torsional buckling with 3M™ Matrix Resins for high-performance composites.