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    Vol. XXIV, No. 2 - October 2017

    James Ingebrand, Vice President and General Manager 3M Oral Care

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      What a prospective patient asks for - and what they really need - is not always the same thing. Of course, that’s no surprise. Information conveyed on a billboard or in a 30-second infomercial doesn’t exactly make someone an expert.

      As an orthodontist, you know exactly what your patients want – a beautiful smile and healthy teeth that will last a lifetime. What they need to accomplish that goal is where your expertise comes in.

      When offered treatment solutions, patients want options that are sometimes clear, sometimes colorful but always comfortable. This can mean providing effective options without the lifestyle compromises associated with plastic aligners.

      3M™ Clarity™ ADVANCED Clear Braces give your patients what they want and what they need. They provide esthetic versatility - from blending in to being bold - simply by changing the ligatures. These ceramic brackets blend with various tooth shades, so braces can be clear and discreet or loud and bright. Your patients will love them.

      So what’s in it for you? Clarity ADVANCED brackets employ some pretty amazing technology. Incorporating proprietary 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive provides you with a perfect tool for doing your very best work. In your hands, they allow optimal treatment times and great finishing. Importantly, they can fit perfectly into your practice. Flash-free technology can significantly speed up bracket placement time and help reduce bond failures. This means reduced stress in your office and less disruption to your busy day.

      Building a practice around the beautiful esthetics of Clarity ADVANCED brackets can help differentiate your practice and set you apart. Treatment consultations are supported by creative in-office tools as well as digital media that help ensure your patients feel good about you and their decision. Ask your 3M Oral Care representative about available marketing support materials designed to help you communicate these benefits to your patients.

      I have to admit there is one important feature that Clarity ADVANCED brackets do not have - and that’s the lab fee associated with plastic aligners.

      Please enjoy this latest edition of Innova. I think you will see in the following articles the advantages that Clarity ADVANCED brackets and other 3M appliance systems offer to patients, practices and practitioners. You can build your practice with confidence, knowing there is a team of 3M consultants, scientists and engineers working for you. Our commitment is the same as yours - advancing the art and science of orthodontics.

      Download the October 2017 Issue of Innova Magazine (PDF, 3.99 MB)

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