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For over 50 years, 3M has continued to bring the world innovative products which enhance visual presentations within education, business, and consumer segments. We sincerely appreciate the continued support we receive from you. Over the past several years, we have seen rapid advancements in display technologies, opening up various technological opportunities for display enhancement and privacy filter solutions. At the same time have witnessed a shift from traditional projection solutions into an environment in which screen displays of all sizes have begun to rival the performance and cost of projection solutions. As this technology shift occurs, 3M continues to invest in display enhancement technologies that will create further opportunities within this growing space. 3M has discontinued the manufacturing of all projection models. Moving forward, 3M will no longer be selling projectors, however, warranty coverage for all projectors will be maintained without interruption. Thank you once again for your support. We are excited for what the future holds as we develop new privacy and protection solutions for displays of all sizes.

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