3M™ Body Contrast Films applied to a car, view from the top

3M™ Body Contrast Film

A film alternative to two-tone styling.

  • Body contrast film applied to a vehicle, two views
    • Two tone designs that look and feel like current paint solutions while offering a streamlined process.
    • Film construction, chemistry, and thickness designed to seamlessly integrate with painted surfaces
    • Improved weathering and chemical resistances over existing paint alternatives.
    • Application process options ranging from manual to automated
    • Help reduce paint capacity constraints
    • Conforms to the curves, angles, and creativity of your design.
    • Variety of applications and potential for new areas of application.

    3M™ Body Contrast Film is a polyurethane based paint replacement film designed to feel and perform like current paint solutions. Built to withstand the environmental challenges on the open road while conforming to the curves, angles, and creativity of your design.

    The challenge of two-tone application
    Traditional, two tone with spray paint may add constraints to the paint booth. Paint spray applications can create a bottleneck in an already complicated and resource intensive step of vehicle assembly.

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