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3M™ EMI Grounding & Shielding Tapes for xEV Battery


For more than 50 years, 3M has served multiple industries with advanced solutions for electrical grounding, EMI shielding and protection from electrostatic discharge. Today we focus this expertise in a broad selection of electrically conductive adhesive transfer tapes (ECATTs), metal foil tapes and metallized fabric shielding tapes for electric vehicle battery systems. Many of these materials are designed specifically to block electromagnetic interference (EMI) across a wide range of frequencies. They perform consistently even in harsh environments. They help you keep your battery components operating as designed, and assist you with your regulatory compliance requirements.

3M grounding and shielding tapes feature pressure-sensitive acrylic and silicone adhesives which serves multiple global markets including electronics and automotive. They are specially engineered with conductive particle fillers for low and stable contact resistance, uniform conductivity and maintaining adhesion in the harsh environments.

3M ECATTs, electrically conductive foil tapes and fabric tapes are suitable for xEV battery module and cooling plate grounding, battery cover grounding and shielding, battery management system (BMS) grounding and shielding and other EV battery applications.

Assembly and production benefits of 3M EMI grounding and shielding tapes for xEV battery

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    A versatile selection of materials

    3M provides ECATT, foil tape and fabric tape solutions in a range of thicknesses and adhesion levels for optimal EMI grounding and shielding at specific gap requirements. All solutions feature pressure-sensitive adhesives that deliver excellent wet out and do not require time or equipment for curing.

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    The right adhesion in the right places
    Our ECATTs are available at varying adhesion strengths, including high adhesion for production processes requiring holding strength and standard adhesion to enable easier rework during assembly. We can even supply some electrically conductive adhesive transfer tapes with different adhesion levels on each side. Easy-release or tight-release film liners allow for staged assembly, and are easily removed using automated equipment.
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    Excellent storage, effective inventory management
    Materials are designed to provide long shelf life. Conductive adhesives don’t require specialized storage conditions and have moisture stable liners to resist humidity curl and wrinkling.
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    Tapes for efficient processing
    Our electrically conductive foil and fabric tapes feature durable copper or aluminum metal foil or metallized polyester fabric carriers. We provide them in roll form, and they can be easily converted into die-cut parts

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Long-term EMI solutions for xEV batteries

Based on decades of developing electrically conductive solutions for consumer electronics, industrial and avionics, EMI grounding and shielding tapes from 3M are engineered to withstand a variety of factors – temperature extremes, humidity, shock, vibration and more – that are typical in electric vehicle battery systems. They provide ideal combinations of adhesion and conductivity for the long-term management of EMI/RFI, helping keep EV battery systems functioning without issues throughout the life of the vehicle.

Design benefits of 3M's EMI grounding and shielding tapes

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    Our wide range of EMI grounding and shielding solutions creates a large number of design options.
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    Our experts are also available to work with you for solutions that meet your specifications today and in the future.
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    Our materials are suitable for bonding to metals and plastics including composites.
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    Designers will require increasingly high-performance EMI grounding and shielding materials for onboard radar and other high-frequency systems.

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