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3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resins


3M has a long history using our technologies to solve some of the most critical energy delivery challenges in the industrial markets. We provide products that are used by original equipment manufacturers for insulating, protecting, bonding and conducting in electrical equipment. Now we are applying our expertise to explore how these products could potentially be used in automotive applications.

3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resins are epoxy-based, so they are easy to infuse to any surface with their low-viscosity properties. The electrically insulating and structural bonding properties can help OEMs meet their electrical and mechanical performance requirements. They apply easily and are available in a variety of dielectric strengths, cut through resistances and cure times.

Benefits of electrical insulation with 3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resins

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    A full range of application methods

    Fusion bonded epoxy is compatible with a full range of application methods, including hot fluid bed dip, hot venturi spray, electrostatic spray and electrostatic fluid bed.

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    No mixing and cures in minutes

    There is no pot life because there is no mixing. Powder resins feature fast gel times (typically under 60 seconds) and cure in minutes to a tough, consistent film coating that’s ready for use and can save significant space compared to paper wrap insulation.

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    Easily conforms to complex shapes

    Our epoxy-based resins easily conform to complex geometric shapes to provide uniform dielectric integrity.

  • Help improve thermal conductivity

    Cured resins create a conformal, homogenous, thin film coating that can provide electrical and mechanical protection to metal and conductor surfaces. 3M delivers a range of solutions to meet exacting requirements for toughness and dielectric strength.

  • The components for a complete cure

    All Scotchcast powder resins are manufactured by a fusion blend process that insures that each individual particle of powder contains the components for a complete cure. Scotchcast fusion bonded epoxy creates a strong adhesive bond to the substrate and cures to form a hard and durable coating.

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