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Adhesive sealants. Cure-in-place gaskets.

The process of sealing electrical enclosures such as battery packs in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles has traditionally required sealant material and many related process steps: cutting, fitting, rework and all the related costs. Instead of all the manual labor associated with traditional materials, our one- and two-part battery sealants enable automated mixing and application.

Adhesive sealants

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  • Adhesive sealants

    3M one-part silane modified polymers (SMP) and polyurethane sealant materials are formulated for performance under harsh conditions. Originally developed for marine markets, these high-strength, moisture-curing, gap-filling sealants maintain tough yet flexible bonds. Our moisture-curing adhesive sealants apply in tight, clean beads and form permanent, durable yet malleable seals.

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    Precise application

    Our adhesive sealants are moisture-curing and apply easily through automated equipment without mixing. Our SMP sealants feature non-sag properties that allow for exceptionally clean, precise application in small bond lines.

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    Flexibility throughout the life of the battery

    Highly durable, flexible one-part sealants form elastomeric, firm and waterproof seals that provide exceptional flexibility to resist vibrations, swelling, shrinking and shock that can occur during the operation of an electric vehicle. They remain pliable and resist cracking, fading or degrading when exposed to chemicals.

Cure-in-place gaskets

  • bucket of sz1000 sealant
  • 3M™ Sealant SZ1000 for EV Enclosure Sealing

    Our cure-in-place, non flammable, elastomeric, sealing solution designed for enclosures in EVs and hybrids that provides sealing against moisture and foreign substances, allows serviceability of enclosures and has good aging durability

Cure-in-place gaskets in xEV battery assembly and production

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    Enable automation

    3M™ Sealant SZ1000 for EV Enclosure Sealing is an automated sealing solution designed to enable customer application optimization for sealing of EV enclosures.

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    Reduce waste and simplify cleanup

    Allows access and serviceability for the life of the battery.

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    Cure with or without heat

    Increases quality and throughput by replacing a typically manual process, resulting in a total system cost savings.

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    Serviceability for the life of the enclosure

    2K silicone technology provides a fast curing, durable and high performing seal that protects against moisture and outside contaminants.

  • Key benefits for the design engineer

    3M sealants are designed to conform and perform in your xEV battery designs. Our high-performance adhesive sealants can be applied precisely in tight bond lines, so you can design smaller areas to accommodate the sealant. Cure-in-place battery sealant from 3M simplifies design by virtually eliminating the need to create a groove or other element in the battery lid design to accommodate the sealant. The high-viscosity material applies smoothly and retains its shape for excellent control.

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