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Solving your toughest challenges, together.

September 10-12, 2019 Novi, MI
3M Automotive Electrification, Booth #1100

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Join us at The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo September 10-12.

The Battery Show is a must-attend event for engineers and innovators looking to keep on pace with advanced battery and automotive industries. It provides expert-led educational sessions and product showcases representing the full supply chain — from raw materials to recycling.

As a company founded in material science, 3M looks forward to hearing about your work on automotive xEV batteries, from design through production. Together, we can help you solve your toughest challenges. We can help you manage heat, mitigate fire propagation and thermal runaway, isolate electrical currents and optimize assembly processes, to name a few.

We’ll also tell you about and show you some of our work across multiple technology platforms in adhesives, fluoromaterials, electronic materials and others. Come discover how we can work with you to help you improve range, productivity and safety.

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Attending the conference?

Our Speakers: Solving Tough Challenges.

As part of the eight-track conference (registration required), 3M features some of our most knowledgeable automotive electrification subject matter experts in the design and production and for xEV batteries. Come hear how we can help solve your tough challenges.

  • headshots of Mark Grenfell, 3M Global R&D & Project Manager and Dele Fayemi

    Battery pack design materials: direct contact cooling solutions and reusable sealant

    • Dele Fayemi, 3M Application Development Specialist
    • Mark Grenfell, 3M Global R&D & Project Manager
    • Wednesday, Sept 11, 12:00-12:45
    • Conference track: Advanced Battery Materials

    This presentation will explore best practices for designing battery packs utilizing direct contact thermal management, and discuss a novel EV sealant for use in conventional packs.

  • headshot of brandon bartling

    Meeting the challenges of next generation battery packs through holistic thermal designs

    • Brandon Bartling, 3M Advanced Research Specialist
    • Thursday, Sept 12, 9:30-9:50
    • Conference track: Battery Design & Manufacturing

    By looking through a holistic thermal management lens and applying proper material selections, it’s possible for you to address vehicle safety and help you lower the cost of battery packs.

There are numerous considerations for battery pack design. For conventional battery pack designs, electric vehicle OEMs and battery pack manufacturers are seeking electric vehicle battery tray/box sealing materials that can withstand unpredictable electric vehicle (EV) environments, meet safety demands and standards associated with the imminent battery electric vehicle (BEV) safety regulations, contribute to the protection of the battery systems against disruption, and provide a reusable seal enabling battery pack maintenance. For thermal management, optimal direct contact cooling designs require the battery pack designer to take advantage of the unique properties of these fluids while attempting to minimize weight, cost and maintenance requirements over the life of the battery pack. This presentation will discuss a novel EV sealant for use in conventional packs, and explore best practices for designing battery packs utilizing direct contact thermal management.

Over the next few years there will be a substantial number of changes in standards and regulations that effect the automotive industry. These changes seek to address vehicle safety but are often at odds with the drive to lower cost battery packs. A critical topic within this space is in the system-wide need for effective thermal management. Needs can range from addressing thermal gradients generated by high power discharge, poor battery life at low ambient temperatures and minimizing the impact of a cell in thermal runaway. By looking through a holistic thermal management lens and applying proper material selections this talk will show that achieving both goals is possible.

Attendees will take away knowledge about trade-offs between high energy density battery packs and meeting new regulations. To address the trade-offs attendees will learn about how recent advances in the technology spaces of thermally conductive materials, battery box assembly and thermal management help maximize these tradeoffs.

Target audience for the talk includes battery pack designers and system integrators. Basic background in cell types (cylindrical, prismatic, pouch) and general architecture of battery packs would be helpful but not required.

The beginning of the talk will examine the progress in battery pack designs and compare the pack energy density versus the cell energy density and where the gaps exist to achieve entitlement. The presentation will then transition to an examination of the recent trends in regulations and standards and how those requirements can influence battery pack designs in terms of safety, thermal management and mechanical construction. Finally, the talk will focus on how new material developments in the areas of thermal management and battery pack construction can help enable new battery pack constructions. The talk will offer data, graphs and analyses on material sets that can be used to enable battery pack construction. Hypothetical and real-world comparisons will be presented, and the merits of the approach discussed.

An example of a discussion is in thermal runaway and how recent changes in standards and regulations negatively impact battery pack energy density. Data will be shown demonstrating the conditions that are experienced in a thermal runaway. Material sets and solutions for this space will be discussed as well as the impact of these solutions on total energy density.

Similar analysis will be presented for other additional areas of the battery pack that are equally affected.

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Our Display: Let’s Get Together.

At Booth 1110, you can check out some of our top xEV battery solutions in action. Meet our experts. Ask questions. Start solving tough challenges, together.

  • 3M Products Applied

    On-site automated equipment demonstrates the speed and ease of applying adhesives during xEV battery production, and how similar technologies can be used for application of liquid gap fillers and sealants as well.

  • Direct Contact Cooling

    Meet with our team to learn how 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids are used for fast charging solutions including cable cooling, power electronics and battery thermal management systems.

  • 3M for the Battery

    With tough challenges come questions, and our in-booth EV battery module model helps bring the answers to life. Come and see how 3M can help you do the same for your battery designs.

  • 3M for the ePowertrain

    Sometimes, what you’re working on requires a larger framework. Tell us about your latest challenges over a 3D model of an EV powertrain, and find out how we can help.

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Our Solutions: Explore 3M.

  • Automotive Electrification

    3M brings its cross-industry expertise, global influence and science driven innovations together to help optimize automotive electrification processes. That means using core 3M technologies to help you improve the vehicle’s energy ecosystem, achieve performance goals and streamline production efficiency.

  • EV Battery

    Discover how our focus on science can help you design and build better, higher-performing EV batteries. We value range, safety and efficiency - driving us to help you solve the design challenges facing you every day. We’re building scalable solutions today, that will help propel electric vehicles for tomorrow.

  • EV & HEV Powertrain

    Thermally conductive epoxy adhesives. Boron nitride cooling fillers. Electrical resins for enhanced insulation to motor components, and friction shims for increased power density without increasing joint or assembly size. Discover the ways 3M can help you enhance the design and manufacture of your ePowertrains.

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