Passenger Comfort

  • Mitigate Noise and Vibration

    A vehicle’s cabin should be a refuge from the noise and vibration of the road. 3M helps you insulate against engine, tire, wind and other noise with acoustic, damping, and wheel balancing solutions to keep interiors smooth, quiet and restful.

The Quest for Quiet and Comfort

  • The quest for quiet

    In a noisy world where drivers may spend hours in the car each day, quiet is a major selling point. You also want a smooth ride without the vibrations of the steering wheel that could be the result of unbalanced wheels. 3M offers a variety of products that tackle noise, vibration and harshness, helping you:

    • Reduce overall sound, shock and energy absorption

    • Improve vibration damping across various material surfaces

    • Combat high frequency noises in cars with electric motors

    • Reduce static and residual ride imbalance



  • Acoustic installation

    Acoustic Installation: The Science of Silence

    Your search for a quieter vehicle begins with the acoustic design engineers of 3M. The variety of products created by our automotive acoustic team make it easier and less expensive to incorporate advanced technologies that reduce noise, improve sound quality, and add value and performance to virtually any vehicle design or application.

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