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Driving the future of the digital display
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Light Management Design Challenges

  • Shape and placement of displays enable new freedom to present an increasing breath of information about the vehicle and the operating environment. We’re here to help ensure that you can make visionary designs a reality while keeping drivers and passengers safe in the automobiles of tomorrow.

  • 3M Light management

    Design. Performance. Safety.

    Design. Performance. Safety.

    Technology that can help increase brightness, clarity and visibility in your information display to deliver your most visionary designs.

    Technology that can help increase brightness, clarity and visibility in your information display to deliver your most visionary designs.

  • 3M™ Polarizer Films (ARP / DLPR)

    Recycle polarized light to increase transmitted light to the viewer by 30-40%.

    3M™ Advanced Light Control Film

    Manage distracting reflections.

    3M™ Brightness Enhancing Films (AEF / BEF / DBEF)

    Uses prismatic structures to stear wide-angle light toward the viewer increasing brightness and efficiency.

    3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR)

    High performance, non-metallic, color neutral mirror to reflect back greater than 98% of light.

    3M™ Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA)

    Enhances display contrast and mechanical robustness while optically clear bonding to glass.

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    HUD & display visibility comparison
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    • Maximize brightness and efficiency for maximum readability.

      On-axial luminance, readability and efficiency can be improved with brightness enhancement films from 3M. Prismatic structures in 3M™ Brightness Enhancement Film (3M™ BEF) steer wide-angle light toward the viewer getting more light to where it is most important resulting in increased brightness and readability. When balancing thermal and optical performance is critical, 3M™ Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (3M™ DBEF) can increase backlight efficiency by 30-40% by light recycling. 3M™ DBEF recycles light by transmitting the polarization state that the LCD uses and reflects the polarization state it doesn’t use back into the backlight where it bounces and returns – resulting in less wasted light. 3M offers our family of brightness enhancement films in a variety of thicknesses and prism pitches to avoid unwanted moiré effects that impact visual quality.

      Featured Technology
      3M™ Light Enhancement Film

      3M™ Dual Brightness Enhancement Film

    • Decrease reflections – and distractions.

      As information displays increase in size and move higher on the dashboard bringing information closer to the driver for increased safety, managing reflections becomes critical. 3M™ Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF) helps enable cockpit designs to meet increasing demands of modern digital displays by controlling and directing light to exactly where it is needed – and reducing light from where it can become a distraction. ALCF is a louver film that controls the distribution of light perpendicular to the louver structure (viewing angle) to help create privacy, control reflections and improve display contrast.

      Featured Technology
      3M™ Advanced Light Control Film

    • Design freedom with optical bonding.

      Designers can use thinner bezels for sleek designs with Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs). OCAs reduce ambient reflections from ~12% to ~4% by filling in the air gap between the cover lens and the LCD. The result is much better contrast and readability for the viewer as well as durability and adhesive strength.

      Featured Technology
      3M™ Optically Clear Adhesive/Contrast Enhancement Film OCA 8146x/CEF05 Auto

    • Crispness, contrast and curves.

      For curved display cover lenses, we suggest 3M™ Contrast Enhancement Film (3M™ CEF). This film is an easy to handle die-cut optically clear adhesive that conforms to the shape and curvature of the cover lens while maintaining bond strength. Using CEF also increases structural stiffness of the display, providing greater reliability and durability.

      Featured Technology
      3M™ Contrast Enhancement Film CEF19 Auto

      3M™ Contrast Enhancement Film CEF28 Auto

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    • 3M Senior Research Scientist John VanDerlofske on light control
      Watch John VanDerlofske, PhD present research on light control solutions

      John VanDerlofske, 3M Company, “Driving Toward Performance Standards in Light Control for Automotive Displays” SID Vehicle Display Symposium 2019

      Displays are becoming a more common and important feature of any new automotive cockpit. Increasing in size and proximity to windows, these displays raise the need for light control solutions to mitigate unsightly and possibly distracting windshield reflections. We discuss automotive display trends, their unique light control challenges, and propose new display light output metrics that can be critical to safety, and the driver/passenger experience.

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