Automotive rear view mirror with electronic display
Make more than a mirror. Make the ultimate vehicle user experience.

eMirror Solutions from 3M

  • What does it take to transform a simple rearview mirror into a multifunctional information display? At 3M, we know the answer lies in clarity, functionality and maximal design freedom.

    We’ll help you craft a crystal-clear digital display that transfers seamlessly between mirror and LCD modes. Deliver clear, bright signals with minimal distractions. Place mirror display modules wherever your design requires: higher on the dashboard, on door panels, on A-pillars and even across multiple separate eMirrors. With 3M science, make the eMirror the crown jewel of your automotive HMI design.

  • Diagram showing the path of light in electronic mirror display during mirror mode and display mode

    In mirror mode, reflect light just like a conventional mirror. In LCD mode, optimize display brightness and clarity by transmitting >90% of the backlight.

Making your eMirrors cooler, brighter, better.

Deliver clearer display information and limit distractions. Control light for enhanced clarity and brightness, reduced heat and higher power efficiency. Maximize signal clarity, in individual eMirror units and across multiple electronics. Expand design possibilities, and improve performance. Keep the entire design solid and stable throughout the life of the vehicle. To get started, choose your challenge below.

Light management

diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror light managment
3M eMirror light management

Boost brightness, image clarity and energy efficiency in your eMirror designs with 3M film technologies. Our engineered light management films will help you direct light where you need it and block it where you don’t.

  • 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

    Create solid yet sleek designs while optimizing clarity of lenses and display covers. 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs) reduce ambient reflections and boost contrast and readability in eMirror displays by filling in the air gap between the cover lens and the LCD. They also help increase structural stiffness, providing greater reliability and durability. 3M OCAs are easy to handle and can conform to the shapes and curvature of lenses and other components used in eMirrors while maintaining bond strength.

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  • 3M™ Brightness Enhancement Films (BEF)

    Increase on-axis brightness of the eMirror backlight while improving display clarity. 3M™ Brightness Enhancement Film (3M BEF) is a transparent prism designed to be used in LCDs and placed in the backlight of an eMirror or consumer electronic device.

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  • 3M™ Reflective Polarizing Mirror (RPM)

    Create dual-function displays that deliver immersive experiences with optimal clarity and brightness. In full mirror mode, with backlight off, 3M™ Reflective Polarizing Mirror reflects as proficiently as a conventional mirror. Because the film is optically flat, the image won’t be distorted. In LCD mode, with the backlight on and film and LCD transmission axes aligned, >90% of light is transmitted, optimizing the brightness of the eMirror image display.

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diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror bonding and joining
3M eMirror bonding

Build your eMirror to last. Bonding tapes from 3M combine adhesion, aesthetics and protection of critical components. They enable narrow-to-zero bezel designs to help you push the boundaries of eMirror form and function. They are resistant to impact, high temperatures, moisture, cyclical fatigue and more.

  • 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

    Secure your flexible printed circuits (FPC) with virtually invisible, high-strength bonding solutions. 3M offers double-coated tapes and adhesive transfer tapes ideal for FPC thin bonding applications. Double-coated tapes are effective for dissimilar materials with different bonding properties, while adhesive transfer tapes contain no carrier and are thus extremely conformable to intricate designs with irregular surfaces. Tapes from 3M are convertible to provide accurate edge profiles and can accommodate fast or high-temperature processing.

    Featured Solutions:

  • 3M™ Brightness Enhancement Films (BEF)

    Combine the strength and reliability of an acrylic adhesive with the conformability of an acrylic foam core. 3M™ VHB™ Tapes bring a unique balance of performance to eMirror display bonding. They provide exceptional adhesion strength and heat resistance while sealing out contaminants, moisture and chemicals thanks to their 100% closed-cell construction. They also help control shock and vibration while supplying additional impact resistance and cyclic fatigue resistance. Tapes are convenient, easy to use and can be die cut to pre-formed shapes for precise fits.

    Featured Solutions:

  • Mirror Buttons with 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape

    Secure your mirrors with confidence and avoid consumer-related warranty issues. 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape forms an exceptionally strong, permanent bond to attach sensitive eMirrors to automotive glass. It provides excellent image stability even in hot, humid environments. Mirror mounts are supplied pre-taped, with the tape applied as a pressure sensitive adhesive. Heat curing then creates a firm, long-lasting bond to glass. Mirror Buttons with 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape are customized and developed jointly by 3M and the OEM or Tier design studio for a particular model. They are compatible with manual and automated manufacturing processes as well as available autoclave processes.

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Electromagnetic interference

diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror electromagnetic interference
3M eMirror EMI management

Manage electromagnetic interference (EMI) from automotive electronics and improve data quality in eMirror displays with EMI absorbers and conductive tapes from 3M. We’ll help you optimize your eMirror performance to keep critical safety information front and center.

  • 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

    Guard against EMI from tightly packed internal sources and optimize signal-to-noise ratio. EMI absorbers from 3M are high-magnetic-permeability composites made from polymeric resin and magnetic metal flake filler. Flexible and easily die cut into complex shapes, they incorporate an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive to allow for easy application to eMirror components.

    Featured Solutions:

  • 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes

    Get stable conductivity and high shielding performance with a small grounding area and conformability to irregular surfaces. 3M offers a selection of conductive tapes ideal for eMirror EMI management. Tapes are made of metal foil or backed with metallized polyester fabric and feature conductive acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesives for easy application. Transparent PET liners are available for efficient conversion and processing.

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Cushioning and damping

Diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror cushioning and damping concerns
3M eMirror cushioning and damping

Guard sensitive eMirror components against shock and vibration. 3M offers thin, lightweight cushioning and damping foams that can slip into tight spaces. They internally absorb shock during impact while managing vibration to prevent flexing and cracking.

  • EAR confor cushioning and damping materials
  • E-A-R™ Shock & Vibration Materials

    Get advanced cushioning and damping solutions from Aearo Technologies LLC, a 3M company. E-A-R™ CONFOR™ Foams can absorb and dissipate mechanical energy caused by impact without collapsing or bottoming out. This helps reduce load points, prevent flexing and keep the eMirror frame and glass intact. Foams can be easily compressed up to 95% for shock and impact absorption in tight spaces.

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Thermal management

Diagram of 3M solutions for eMirror thermal management concerns
3M eMirror thermal management

Build eMirrors that can take the heat with thermally conductive interface pads and tapes from 3M. We’ll help you protect printed circuit boards and other sensitive components even in tight spaces with multiple heat sources.

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