Automotive rear view mirror with electronic display
Go beyond what’s possible for rear view mirrors.

eMirror Solutions

  • The mirror is an ideal space for a variety of display information, safety and experience-enhancing features. Integrating information into the rear view mirror allows the driver to more safely and naturally glance up. But doing so effectively requires a solution that’s far more than just a mirror—it also needs to also function as a full-width display.

    3M Science helps you realize all the benefits of eMirrors. Our solutions are designed to enable seamless transfer between a mirror and digital display with little or no ambient reflection or distortion interference. This gives you excellent performance and a crystal clear display.

Light Management

diagram of 3M solutions for HUD light management
Light Management

3M film technology can enhance brightness, manage reflection, improve clarity and increase efficiency in your eMirror designs.

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diagram of 3M solutions for HUD bonding

Apply a longstanding core 3M expertise to your latest eMirror designs for a combination of adhesion, aesthetics and protection of critical components.

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Thermal Management

diagram of 3M solutions for HUD thermal management
Thermal Management

Protect printed circuit boards and other components inside eMirror modules with heat insulation and heat transfer solutions.

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diagram of 3M solutions for HUD emi

Our EMI absorbers help make new eMirror designs possible, such as multiple-mirror displays systems possible inside the vehicle cabin.

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Cushioning and Damping

diagram of 3M solutions for HUD cushioning and damping
Cushioning and Damping

Cushioning and damping foams help protect sensitive eMirror components from vibration, as well as shock and energy impact.

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The future is in sight

Blending safety features like blind spot monitoring and driver alerts with intuitive displays helps maximize design, performance and occupant experience. When these elements come together seamlessly, you can deliver a next-level experience—right down to the digital rear view mirrors and cameras.

  • Electronic Rear view mirror showing image of girl running in parking garage

    Safer at a glance

    Now you can make sure even the mirror is a reflection of the quality of the vehicles you design and produce. 3M technology allows you to create a dual-function mirror and display that delivers an immersive experience with optimal clarity and brightness. Our eMirror technology helps unlock safety features such as blind spot monitoring and alerts, with a wider field of view.

  • Man looks at his reflection in an auto rear view mirror


    If you’re looking for design efficiency, look no further. Thin and lightweight, 3M™ Reflective Polarizing Mirror films can be used to elevate the eMirror’s aesthetics and functionality. The film is warp-resistant and enables narrow- to zero-bezel design, allowing you to push the boundaries of styling, without sacrificing efficiency.

  • Electronic rear view mirror displaying temperature and power gauge

    Ultimate User Experience

    The eMirror combines advanced technology with vibrancy, ease and convenience customers crave. 3M’s Reflective Polarizing Mirror Film enables the mirror to deliver clear, undistorted views in both the passive reflective state and the electrified backlit state – delivering ~60% brightness and efficiency improvement over conventional mirrors in most lighting conditions.

  • Diagram showing the path of light in electronic mirror display during mirror mode and display mode

A mirror that's way more than a mirror

  • 3M Science lets you switch seamlessly from mirror mode to display mode. Delivering clearer, brighter signals and limiting distractions. In full mirror mode, with back light off, Reflective Polarizing Mirror film reflects as proficiently as a conventional mirror and because it is optically flat, the image won’t be distorted. When the backlight is on with film and LCD transmission axes aligned, >90% of light is transmitted, significantly boosting the brightness of the image display.

Helping eMirrors keep their cool

  • Automobile rear view mirror

    With the marriage of mirrors and digital displays, rear view mirrors need to work harder than ever. Added work load means more heat and design complexities. Our diverse portfolio of thermal interface materials offers high thermal conductivity, adhesion and conformability giving you the design freedom you need while helping the mirror keep its cool.


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