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Drivers expect the best in connected mobility, from robust navigation systems and a curated selection of apps to fully functional eMirrors and HUD systems. As displays become bigger and multi-functional, more and more complex and delicate components must fit into less and less space – making effective bonding absolutely essential in modern automotive display design.

Meet the evolving needs of bigger, thinner, and more curved automotive display designs with bonding solutions from 3M. Thin bonding tapes are virtually invisible and ideal for flexible printed circuits with irregular surfaces, while 3M™ VHB™ Tapes provide powerful adhesion, heat resistance and impact resistance in one package. We’ll help you bond your most intricate display designs with confidence.

  • From eMirror assembly to securing mounts to automotive glass, tapes from 3M combine adhesion, aesthetics and protection of critical components.

  • Bond your most intricate information displays. Solutions from 3M offer bonding strength, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, moisture protection and more.

  • Build strong, durable HUDs while hiding distracting bondlines. Bond dissimilar substrates, curved surfaces and more with ease.

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With nearly a century of experience in both advanced adhesives and the automotive industry, 3M is here to help. For all your HMI bonding needs – from delicate FPCs to durable mirror mounts – we have solutions to get it done.

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