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Automotive HMI Cushioning and Damping


Be ready for every bump in the road

Protect screens and other sensitive display components from flexing, distorting and cracking. 3M provides thin, lightweight cushioning and damping foams designed to fit into tight spaces and internally absorb shock and vibration. Our engineered elastomers are available as custom isolators to guard critical electronic and mechanical components against impact, vibration and noise . Our impact-resistant tapes combine energy-absorbing adhesives with viscoelastic foam cores to provide additional cushioning support.

  • Get maximum impact protection in tight spaces. Foams from 3M are thin, lightweight and ideal for preventing flexing and cracking in eMirror displays.

  • Secure sensitive electronics like PGUs, LED panels and PCBs. Our cushioning foams help reduce load points and keep display screens intact.

  • Delivering 60–70% impact absorption, highly damped foams from 3M help protect your information display from top to bottom.

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