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Thermal Management Solutions for Chassis and Wheels


The Power of Staying Cool

3M thermal management solutions may not be visible on the production line. When it comes to your wheel and chassis designs, however, our solutions show up exactly where you need them. Lightweight polymer parts keep your assemblies running cool and can be produced just as you’ve designed them.

  • 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers
    Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers

    3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers are ideal for electrical insulation in EV and HEV powertrains. These engineered filler additives promote thermal conductivity from 1-15 W/m*K in materials such as thermoplastics and elastomers, which allows automotive designers to create small, lightweight components that remain cool under pressure. Filled polymer materials can be compounded, extruded and, when combined with thermosets, injection molded.

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.