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Lightweighting Solutions for Chassis and Wheels


Representing the Ground Floor of Lightweighting

Reduced weight starts where the vehicle design does – at ground level. 3M meets you there with comprehensive, groundbreaking solutions that meet chassis and wheels lightweighting challenges from the road upward. We are with you from design all the way through the Tier and manufacturing process.

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    3M™ Friction Shims

    Downsize chassis components by using smaller and lighter bolts and fasteners to achieve the same results. 3M™ Friction Shims offer up to a 5× increase in the coefficient of static friction in automotive critical joints – even between dissimilar substrates. They enable small bolts to withstand the same or greater force loads as larger, heavier bolts. By spec’ing 3M friction shims into your EV chassis design, you can reduce the number and size of certain components and extend battery range.

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    Glass Bubbles

    Our cross-industry expertise allows 3M to provide advanced material technology to automotive OEMs and Tier suppliers. 3M™ Glass Bubbles are microscopic, hollow glass microspheres that feature an extremely high strength-to-density ratio. This material is supplied as a polymer additive that can replace heavier materials without sacrificing the integrity of the component. In fact, it can reduce the density of adhesives used in automotive seam sealant and underbody coatings by up to 40%  versus adhesives.

    Please contact a 3M expert to discuss your specific automotive chassis application.

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    Liquid Structural Adhesives

    3M™ Structural Adhesive Liquids maximize design freedom and empower automotive designers to hit their lightweighting goals. By bonding effectively to a wide variety of substrates, they expand the range of materials and constructions usable in chassis design and assembly. With their robust bonding capabilities, they can even replace welding, riveting, nuts, bolts and other mechanical fasteners for lighter weight and more efficient processing – all while providing fast handling strength.

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