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Control and Handling Solutions for Chassis and Wheels


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3M delivers solutions for nearly any challenge related to designing vehicles that perform smoothly, quickly and flawlessly in the most important place: on the road. Check them out here.

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    3M™ Friction Shims

    Our 3M™ Friction Shims help answer the demand for maximum power density – enhancing friction to transmit higher loads while enabling lightweight designs. This technology is ideal for steering and chassis designs that meet specifications for weight, torque, power density and efficiency of assembly. 3M™ Friction Shims reliably transmit up to 4X higher torque than conventional systems without requiring modifications to joint design.

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3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.