Vehicle diagram chassis and wheels assembly process

Assembly Solutions for Chassis and Wheels


Solutions for More Streamlined Assembly

Within every 3M product that bonds, fastens and protects is at least one solution that helps reduce or eliminate process steps, limit rework, reduce waste and more during critical assembly processes. Learn more below.

  • Friction Shims image
    3M™ Friction Shims

    Control movement in bolted connections and guard against shear force in chassis and axle designs. 3M™ Friction Shims offer up to a 5× increase in the coefficient of static friction in automotive critical joints – even between dissimilar substrates. Various grades work on multiple mating surfaces such as aluminum, e-coated (cathodic-dip-coated), painted and composite-material surfaces. Additionally, friction shims from 3M help standardize model designs by enabling higher weight components without changing part or bolt sizes. The added design freedom can enable new and unique designs such as skateboard platforms.

  • Structural adhesive liquid being used on a car
    Liquid Structural Adhesives

    Flexible and simple to use, 3M™ Structural Adhesives can be applied at the Tier or OEM level. They facilitate chassis and wheel assembly by providing flexible working times and variable cure rates. They can be incorporated into existing assembly processes with no additional equipment or process steps needed and allow for the replacement of mechanical fasteners in many chassis assembly applications.

    3M structural adhesives are heat-cured for hem bonding and impact-resistant bonding. They are formulated for long storage and low cure temperatures (room temperature to induction curing as low as 80°C), ideal for bonding materials like carbon fiber without distortion or resin degradation. Additionally, many substructures can be stored for weeks before final heat curing

  • Structural adhesives tape
    Structural Adhesive Tapes

    Quick, simple and precise, 3M™ Structural Adhesive Tapes are ideal for chassis assemblies where clean, complete application is critical. Our tapes bond to a wide variety of metal substrates, cure in standard e-coat ovens and expand during cure to fill gaps, helping prevent corrosion of all types.

    Structural adhesive tapes are ideal for efficient processing and assembly, especially for bonding long, thin areas of the chassis where spot welds or mechanical fasteners have traditionally required extra time and labor.

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.