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    3M Novec 1230 fluid to be included in FM Global Data Sheet 1-53: Anechoic Chambers

    March 30, 2017

    • Anechoic chambers are specialized areas that absorb reflections of sound and electromagnetic waves. These rooms generally contain high value, sensitive assets for telecommunication and electronics testing. These chambers have unique fire suppression needs and now there’s a sustainable clean agent to help protect those spaces and assets.

      Anechoic chambers absorb reflections of sound and electromagnetic waves using pyramid shaped radiation absorbing material (RAM). The material generates heat as it absorbs wave reflections which can cause it to combust if the heat is not properly dissipated. Due to the high value of the contents in the room, gaseous fire suppression systems are commonly used to reduce this risk as described in FM Global Data Sheet 1-53: Anechoic Chambers.

      Flame extinction tests using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid were successfully completed at FM Global’s Norwood facility using a Research Flammability Propagation Apparatus (FPA) (ASTM E2058/ISO 12136). The testing found that a Minimum Design Concentration of 6.1 vol % was required. This value will be included in Table 1: Design Extinguishment Concentrations for Gaseous Suppression Systems in the next update of FM Data Sheet 1-53: Anechoic Chambers.

      When protecting high value, sensitive assets, it’s crucial to select the appropriate fire suppression system. To learn if 3M Novec 1230 fluid is right for your application, contact us today.

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