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Our 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid webinars explore the standards, regulations and customer requirements involved in engineering and specifying clean agent fire suppression systems in today’s world. Ask a question, register for a live webinar or access on-demand trainings through the 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid Academy.

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    Moving Your Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Specification into the 21st Century

    AIA/CES approved for 1 hour of LU HSW continuing education credits.

    Halon fire extinguishment was replaced by clean agent fire extinguishment in the early ‘90s. But a lot has changed since then. Advancements have been made in technology, quality, safety and sustainability. In this webinar, 3M fire suppression experts walk through the additions and modifications that will bring your clean agent specifications into the 21st century.

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     July 13 at 11am CT
     July 28 at 2pm CT

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    Protecting the Power Grid

    AIA/CES approved for 1 hour of LU HSW continuing education credits.

    Maintaining the power grid is a full-time job, and any downtime can be both crippling for customers and damaging to electricity provider revenues and business reputation with negative news coverage. Yet the infrastructure powering the grid is full of flammable oils and fuels, high-energy electrical systems, and delicate electronics, all of which are expensive, delicate and potential fire hazards. Effective fire suppression solutions can help reduce downtime, protect workers and support business operations in the power generation industry.

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    August 4 at 11am CT
    August 18 at 1pm CT

  • Marine Fire Suppression
    Marine Fire Suppression

    AIA/CES approved for 1 hour of LU HSW continuing education credits.
    The marine environment poses a range of unique fire suppression challenges, from regulatory to technological. Learn from 3M fire protection experts about systems and solutions for clean agent fire suppression on board ship and explore specific marine applications.
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    September 8 at 11am CT
    September 23 at 1pm CT

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