Electronic protective coating for device screens and glass surfaces

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Handheld mobile devices and touchscreen displays let users access information with a simple swipe, but they also tend to accumulate fingerprints, oils, liquids, cosmetics and other materials that can damage displays or make them unappealing to use. Protective coatings of touchscreens and glass-like surfaces help achieve your vision for device style, functionality and feel.

3M has decades of experience making protective coatings. Our scientists are constantly seeking the answers to how to do it all better, safer and more responsibly. The result — a broad range of ultra-thin 3M™ Novec™ Electronic Grade Coatings to choose from.

In addition to coatings to protect the internal components of your device, we have expanded our offerings to include electronic grade coatings for electronics screens, panels and other glass or glass-like surfaces. These coatings are exceptionally thin and help give devices easy-clean and anti-smudge properties. Novec coatings are easy to apply using spray or dip application methods. 

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Easy to apply, easy to clean.

Make your device touchscreens look and feel as great as they work

Help keep surfaces smudge-free with durable Novec coatings for easy-clean device protection. Benefit from 3M’s history of innovative development, global support and dedicated experience with 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings.

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    Durable with exceptional thinness

    Using spray or dip application, an ultra-thin coating can be applied to your device surface for consistent, full coverage.

    • Low viscosity and surface tension make it exceptionally thin (less than 10 nanometers)
    • Optically transparent, so it won’t affect the look of the device
    • Thermal curing adds chemical and abrasion resistance
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    Easy-clean performance

    Our easy-clean properties keep devices looking and feeling good to help realize the vision of device designers.

    • Hydrophobic and oleophobic: Excellent repellency for quick and easy clean-up of the surface from a variety of contaminants
    • Anti-smudge: Resists the accumulation of fingerprints, oils, liquids, grime and cosmetics
    • Improved lubricity: Makes the surface feel smooth and appealing
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    Process advantages

    Using Novec Electronic Grade Coatings to help protect surfaces offers process advantages and efficiencies for manufacturers of handheld devices and other touchscreen-enabled electronics, especially when compared with plasma vapor deposition (PVD) processes:

    • Easy application using spray or dip method   
    • No need for expensive, complex PVD equipment or specialized labor
    • Dry time of less than 2 minutes; thermal curing adds chemical and abrasion resistance
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    Safety and sustainability

    Get the appearance and performance you want for your device without compromising worker safety or increasing environmental impact. All Novec coatings are formulated using 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids, which are:

    • Low global warming potential (GWP) solvents with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
    • Exempt from the U.S. EPA definitions for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Not scheduled for regulatory phasedown or phase-out
    • Low in toxicity with a wide margin of worker safety
    • Non-flammable
    • Non-conductive

Choosing the right Novec Electronic Grade Coating for device screens and glass surfaces

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  • Novec EGC Easy Clean Video_VDESC_en_US.mp4 Upbeat music plays as a logo appears over a white background. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M ON SCREEN TEXT: Easy-clean Surfaces with 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings A slideshow features kids and adults enjoying their touchscreen devices. MALE NARRATOR: Touch panel displays and handheld electronic devices have become part of our everyday lives. However, fingerprints, oils, liquids, cosmetics, and more can make these surfaces unappealing and difficult to use. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings Provide easy-clean and smudge resistant performance Help protect and maintain device appearance MALE NARRATOR: Novec brand Electronic Grade Coatings from 3M provide easy-clean smudge resistant performance for glass and a variety of surfaces, heling to protect and maintain the appearance of electronic devices. ON SCREEN TEXT: GRIME OIL SMUDGE ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings for Easy-Clean: outstanding repellency & protection ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings for Easy-Clean: Ultrathin Clear Do not change surface appearance Complete and even coverage ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings for Easy-Clean: Easy to apply, dry in seconds Should be thermally cured Low in toxicity VOC exempt Low GWP MALE NARRATOR: These fluoropolymer coatings offer outstanding repellency and protection, helping to keep smudges, grime, and oil off a variety of surfaces. Novec Electronic Grade Coatings are ultrathin, clear, and do not change surface appearance. The coating solutions have low surface tension and low viscosity, helping to completely and evenly coat surfaces. Easy to apply using spray or other methods, they dry in seconds and should be thermally cured for enhanced durability. They're low in toxicity, VOC exempt, and have low global warming potential. Gloved hands and machines handle the coatings. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings for Easy-Clean: Ultrathin protection Do not alter surface appearance Optically transparent Help maintain device performance and appearance Marker scribbles on paper. The coated side gets light markings that are easily wiped away, while the uncoated side gets heavily inked. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings Easy-Clean ON SCREEN TEXT: Uncoated vs. Coated MALE NARRATOR: Novec Electronic Grade Coatings create an ultrathin protective layer and they do not later surface appearance. The optically transparent coatings repel oil and grime, helping maintain device performance and appearance. Let's take a look at the protection firsthand. The side with the hydrophobic coatings is protected from the permanent marker and is easy to clean. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings Enhanced Repellency ON SCREEN TEXT: Uncoated vs. Coated 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coating A dropper deposits liquid onto each side. MALE NARRATOR: Now let's examine the coating's repellency. One way to measure this is by the contact angle. The greater the contact angle, the better the repellency, and the easier the surface is to clean. The low contact angle of the oil on the uncoated surface indicates it may not repel liquids and may be more susceptible to smudges, oil, and grime. Let's look at how the oil beads up on the Novec coated side. This shows a greater contact angle, demonstrating the coating's ability to add repellency. Novec coatings for easy-clean applications provide outstanding protection due to their ability to repel oil and water. This minimizes smudges and grime buildup while making surfaces easier to clean. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings for Easy-Clean ON SCREEN TEXT: Uncoated (logo) vs. Coated (outer glass) 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coating MALE NARRATOR: This next piece of glass had a 3M logo affixed prior to application of an ultrathin, optically clear layer of Novec coating. As you can see, Novec coating adds repellency and protection to the surface. The liquid beads up and pools into the uncoated area. Shots of phones, tablets, and laptops flash by. MALE NARRATOR: Help protect the appearance of your devices from the effects of oils, liquids, and grime while making them easier to clean with Novec brand Electronic Grade Coatings from 3M. ON SCREEN TEXT: Easy-Clean Surfaces with 3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings www.3M.com/Novec ON SCREEN TEXT: © 3M 2015. All Rights Reserved. 3M is a registered trademark of 3M Company. A logo appears, followed by a legal disclaimer. ON SCREEN TEXT: 3M ON SCREEN TEXT: Science. Applied to Life.

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    3M experts have developed these coatings with exceptional properties that add easy-release and anti-stiction benefits to glass and glass-like surfaces. Depending upon the feature you need, we have the coating for you.

    • For better abrasion resistance, choose 3M™ Novec™ 2202 Electronic Grade Coating
    • For better lubriciousness, choose 3M™ Novec™ 1720 Electronic Grade Coating

    Download the easy clean coating product selection guide (PDF, 117 KB)

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