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    Clear communication. Almost anywhere.


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    Clear communication. Almost anywhere.

    Discover the 3M technology that helps keep miners in touch in the moments that matter most.

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    • Man in hard hat using Peltor protective communications headset

      Imagine that you’re 2500 feet underground in a dark mine with a roaring auger blasting in the background. Your supervisor on the surface of the mine is trying to reach you. Can you hear your supervisor’s vital instructions?

      Clear communication is key to helping keep work crews safe and productive, especially when they’re working in loud environments or with heavy machinery.

      Drawing from our deep history in and understanding of the mining industry, 3M supplies work crews around the world with the equipment they need to help hear communications clearly, and without interruption. 3M reliably connects miners above and below ground, in harsh environments. Miners need quick answers and clear communication in high stress situations. Crews and supervisors need to stay connected to stay productive and safe. That’s why their communications solutions must work, each and every time. When the pressure is on, and the decibel levels are high, miners can rely on 3M™ PELTOR™ Protective Communication Solutions to send and receive critical information.