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    Plan. Protect. Maintain continuity.


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    Plan. Protect. Maintain continuity.

    Endothermic fire protection. Applied to making structural inspections an open and shut case.

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      The Dakota Prairie Refinery needed a fireproofing system for their structural steel that was easy to install and maintain in extreme weather conditions without causing corrosion or impeding inspections.

      3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat (E-Mat) was the solution. It is commonly used in the nuclear power industry, so 3M worked with Specialty Insulation Systems (SIS), an oil and gas industry insulation provider, to adapt E-Mat to the harsh environments of refineries. The solution was a protective cover that protects the E-Mat without getting in the way or trapping water that could lead to corrosion.

      “By adapting what 3M had already perfected, we could help our customers cut costs, improve on safety and make it possible to inspect areas prone to corrosion.” - Brian Kunk, Vice President, Specialty Insulation Systems™