1. Cleaner water means higher-quality oil.
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    Cleaner water means higher-quality oil.


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    Cleaner water means higher-quality oil.

    3M Purification products ensure your waterflooding uses the purest water possible, protecting your equipment and helping you deliver a contaminant-free final product.

    • Waterflooding is an effective means of improving oil recovery from mature production formations. Particle contamination in the injection waters used in waterflood operations can reduce well permeability. In some formations, even low levels of suspended solids in the injection waters can significantly impact well production output and operating costs. 3M Purification filter systems help provide proper injection water quality, which helps optimize your oil production while minimizing costly well workovers.

      Learn how 3M Purification filter systems, installed at both the central injection water system and/or wellheads help optimize waterflood operations.