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What We Do

Productivity is your priority. Our science can help.

The world of mining and metallurgy is filled with new obstacles presenting themselves every day. So we never stop working to find new ways to address them.

  • Protecting People & the Workplace

    Protecting People & the Workplace

    We understand the importance of keeping employees healthy and safe.
    We are here for you, continually developing reliable solutions. Over 40 years ago we introduced some of the first mining occupational health and safety solutions. And we never stopped. Around the world, we keep workers safe.

    Worker Safety

    Site Safety

  • Extending Asset Life

    Extending Asset Life

    Your success hinges on managing operational costs and driving high productivity. 3M has a long history in the mining and metallurgy industry. We have over 46 technologies at our disposal. And we never stop thinking, always exploring new ways to give you what you need.

    Power Supply

    Maintenance and Repair

  • Improving Productivity

    Improving Productivity

    You face tremendous challenges — in both established and unconventional reserves. Geography is harsh. Rising operational costs and environmental concerns are your reality. 3M is here to help keep you productive and efficient with solutions created for your world.

    Mining, Mineral & Metal Processing

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