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3M products for wire board manufacturing.


Printed Wire Board

Wire board manufacturing involves a lot of pieces, steps and processes that all have to come together with precision to create a reliable finished product. Any contaminant created in the manufacturing process that aren’t filtered out can affect the short- and long-term performance of circuit boards.

From film generation to electroless copper plating and screen printing to applying solder masks, 3M filtration solutions can help ensure your wire boards will meet your performance needs.

Infographic illustration that details the Printed Wire Board Process from Protective Film through to Final Inspection stage

Applications for Printed Wire Board

We’re here to help. For more than 100 years, 3M Purification has partnered with our customers to develop innovative filtration and purification products to help in their manufacturing processes.

UltraPure Water

Ultrapure water (UPW) is mainly used to remove defect-causing contaminants from the surface and to rinse or clean wire boards after they have been exposed to chemicals during various processes.

3M’s filtration products provide the particle reduction needed to meet the strict requirements of the electronics industry.

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Plating Chemicals

It’s critical to remove particles from your plating solution to prevent bath contamination. With the right filtration, you can help greatly reduce the amounts of contaminants in your plating solutions.

3M has the filtration solutions you need to help remove contaminants before and during the plating process.

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Your wire board manufacturing process requires large amounts of chemicals, which invariably generates substantial volumes of wastewater. The different fabrication processes create a variety of wastewater contaminants that need to be reduced to meet required levels.

3M has filtration solutions designed to help you filter your wastewater to meet increasingly stringent discharge requirements.

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