Lithium-ion battery production filtration.

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Filtration applications in battery production.
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How filtration helps your lithium-ion battery production process.

Read about the major lithium-ion battery manufacturing steps and how effective filtration and separation solutions can help ensure consistent quality throughout the process.

Importance of filtration for lithium-ion battery production.

Find out how filtration and separation solutions from 3M can help improve quality throughout your lithium battery manufacturing process.

  • Powering the products people want.

    From electric vehicles (EVs) and solar power battery storage, to common personal electronics like laptops and power tools, our solutions help improve production of lithium-ion batteries or your manufacturing process.

  • Precision at every step in your process.

    Help improve your lithium-ion battery manufacturing process with filtration solutions for incoming water, process fluids and wastewater.

  • Solving process impurities.

    From cathode/anode coating to electrolyte filtration, small impurities can lead to big problems. We can help you get contaminants under control in your lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.

  • Make your batteries better.

    Our filtration and separation solutions remove undesirable particulates from slurry or electrolytes to deliver consistent quality and reliability. They help to prolong battery life, while increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Discover filtration and separation solutions that can help you improve your lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.

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    This is a totally enclosed filtration system that uses a separate pressure vessel and disposable filter pack to isolate the product to be filtered from the housing. Its exclusive design reduces the extensive time and labor involved with filter change-outs and cleaning of conventional housings.

    The encapsulated system, coupled with high-performance, long-life filters, make GPJ series the better choice that can help to achieve safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective filtration in lithium-ion battery manufacturing. It contains a filter cartridge in a transparent soft capsule and can be used for the filtration of various compatible fluids with 3M filters.

Applications for Lithium Ion Battery

We’re here to help. For more than 100 years, 3M Purification has partnered with our customers to develop innovative filtration and purification products to help in their manufacturing processes.

Cathode/Anode Coating

The filtration you choose for your cathode anode coating processes is important because lithium ion batteries are very sensitive to impurities. Contamination can cause reliability issues and poor battery performance over time.

3M’s filtration solutions for cathode/anode coating applications are easy to use and remove, helping to improve productivity and reducing the likelihood of shorts between electrodes.

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Electrolyte Filtration

As with all steps in the manufacturing of lithium batteries, it’s crucial to remove particles and impurities that can cause reliability issues and shorten life of batteries.

3M has the electrolyte filtration solutions you need to help remove contaminants and particles to help ensure long-lasting lithium ion batteries.

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