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3M products for lithium ion battery manufacturing.


Lithium Ion Battery

The demand for lithium ion batteries is high and only expected to keep growing, with electronic devices, hybrid and electric vehicles driving demand. Manufacturers with the capabilities to create lighter, longer lasting and more reliable batteries will need better, more efficient contamination control.

3M filtration solutions can help ensure your lithium ion battery manufacturing process meets the growing demands of the industry and the high expectations of your customers.

infographic illustration that details the Lithium Ion Process from Anode/Cathode Production through to the Battery Fill stage

Applications for Lithium Ion Battery

We’re here to help. For more than 100 years, 3M Purification has partnered with our customers to develop innovative filtration and purification products to help in their manufacturing processes.

Cathode/Anode Coating

The filtration you choose for your cathode anode coating processes is important because lithium ion batteries are very sensitive to impurities. Contamination can cause reliability issues and poor battery performance over time.

3M’s filtration solutions for cathode/anode coating applications are easy to use and remove, helping to improve productivity and reducing the likelihood of shorts between electrodes.

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Electrolyte Filtration

As with all steps in the manufacturing of lithium batteries, it’s crucial to remove particles and impurities that can cause reliability issues and shorten life of batteries.

3M has the electrolyte filtration solutions you need to help remove contaminants and particles to help ensure long-lasting lithium ion batteries.

Featured Products

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