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Sieving Enhancing Technology - S.E.T. is a patented process technology that yields a steeper sieving curve and enhanced removal characteristics.

  • During the production process “Active Centres” are created on the inner surface of capillary membranes. These “Active Centres” mediate the electrostatic, polar and hydrophobic interactions of proteins and middle molecular toxins with the membrane wall, so that the protein adsorption to the membrane and pores can be reduced decisively.

    As a result middle molecular toxins can move more easily through the pores. Additionally, the patented process technology produces membranes with a very narrow, uniform pore size distribution. Consequently, membranes with S.E.T. have a very sharp cut off: target molecules, e.g. the middle molecules like beta-2-microglobulin, can be removed almost quantitatively, whereas larger molecules like the essential protein albumin are virtually completely retained.

sieving enhancing technology process
  • Characteristics of S.E.T:

    • active surface management
    • reduced protein adsorption
    • clear pores
    • uniform pore size distribution

    Resulting in:

    • steeper sieving curve
    • enhanced, more selective removal