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Application Technology

The 3M Application Technology Department provides advice for our customers regarding the processing and utilization of Membrana products.

  • The competence reaches from technical customer advice to the development of new modules and module concepts for both technical and medical applications. With our well equipped prototype module production workshop, the department is able to build modules or cartridges with membrane surface areas from a few square cm up to about 100 m².

    The broad know-how of our Application Technology Department comprises:

    • Profound knowledge of the transport phenomenology of dialysis, apheresis and oxygenation processes
    • Understanding the filtration of fluids in technical applications like water filtration and beverage filtration
    • Design and prototype production of devices for medical as well as for technical applications
    • Prototype production of different types of modules using our membrane portfolio
    • Membrane knitting knowledge and equipment
    • Stationary filtration equipment as well as transportable pilot units for field testing
    • Customer support in development, optimisation and production of their modules