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Oxygenation Products

3M offers a range of capillary membranes in different make-ups for use in the manufacturing of oxygenators and membrane ventilators.

  • OXYPHAN™ and 3M™ Membrana™ Oxygenation Membrane Series are worldwide leading oxygenation membranes.

    The diffusion membrane OXYPLUS™ offers additional safety features for long-term use.

    The heat exchange capillary HEXPET™ completes the portfolio.


3M™ MEMBRANA™ OXYPHAN™​ Capillary Membrane is one of the world’s leading oxygenation membrane capillary with uniform pore size and distribution.

Due to its high porosity and uniform pore distribution, it provides excellent gas exchange performance. The highly branched, sponge-like pore structure makes it strongly resistant to entry of liquids and plasma breakthrough.

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  • OXYPHAN™ is available as a single thread spool, single layer mat, or double-layer cross-wound mat.

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  • OXYPHAN™ is a Polypropylene (PP) capillary membrane that is produced using TIPS technology.

3M™ Membrana™ Oxygenation Membrane Series

3M™ Membrana™ Oxygenation Membrane Series are ones of the world’s leading oxygenation membranes with high mechanical stability.

3M™ Membrana™ Oxygenation Membrane Series are capillary membranes produced by extrusion of Polypropylene. Consecutive anneal and stretch steps create the pores in the capillary wall. This production technology yields a membrane that is mechanically very stable with no compromise in gas exchange performance or plasma breakthrough resistance.

  • oxygenation membrane series
  • 3M™ Membrana™ Oxygenation Membrane Series are capillary membranes available as six filament spools or as single layer or

  • double layer cross-wound mats
  • double layer cross-wound mats.


3M™ MEMBRANA™ OXYPLUS™​ Capillary Membrane is suitable for long-term oxygenation.

As an integral asymmetric hollow fibre oxygenation membrane OXYPLUS™ combines the performance characteristics of OXYPHAN™ with a dense outer skin characterizing it as a diffusion membrane. The dense outer skin prevents the passing of liquids like blood plasma or water into the pores even during prolonged application and avoids direct contact of the blood with air or oxygen.

  • oxyplus oxygenation membrane capillary
  • oxyplus oxygenation membrane capillary
  • As the outer skin is very thin the membrane has excellent permeability for oxygen and carbon dioxide, the gas exchange performance is equivalent to that of the microporous membranes OXYPAN™.

    The production process of OXYPLUS™ uses TIPS technology. The membrane is made from Polymethylpentene (PMP).


3M™ MEMBRANA™ HEXPET™​ is a transparent heat-exchange capillary.

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  • Polymeric heat exchangers provide better biocompatibility than conventional metal heat exchangers. Furthermore they are easier to process in the manufacture of oxygenators, as they can be handled in the same way as the gas exchange membranes. Moreover, a fully polymeric oxygenator without metal heat exchanger is easier to dispose and incinerate compliant to hygienic standards.

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  • HEXPET mats are available as single and double layer cross-wound mats. This unique design makes the capillaries adaptable to various oxygenator flow designs and provides easy adjustment of pressure drop.

    HEXPET is made from Polyester (Polyethyleneterephthalate, PET).