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Support Services

3M is a market leader in membrane technology. We offer our experience and expertise to support our customers from the decision making process up to optimizing design and performance depending on the specific needs of the particular application.

  • Laboratory and Analytical Testing Equipment

    3M offers state-of-the-art physical, biological and chemical laboratory services or provides access to sophisticated equipment which may be required at times. We support our customers by reviewing water quality parameters, helping with trouble shooting or conducting detailed membrane module autopsies. A wide array of equipment is available to support customers including:

    • Scanning electron microscope SEM
    • Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy EDX
    • Metals (Fe, Al, Mn etc.) with ICP
    • Determintation of microbiological contamination
    • etc….

Test Equipment Service

  • Test Equipment Service

    3M owns specifically equipped transportable Ultrafiltration Test units, which are available for use at customer sites to run feasibility studies for specific applications. These systems are suitable to provide scale-up information required to plan for a larger plant.

  • shipping container

    Our well trained process engineers are available to support you during your pilot testing or start-up of your 3M™ Liqui-Flux™ Membrane Modules for ultrafiltration installation.

    Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.