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Support Services

3M is a market leader in membrane technology. We offer our experience and expertise to support our customers from the decision making process up to optimizing design and performance depending on the specific needs of the particular application.

  • Customized Membrane & Membrane Module Development

    3M’s experienced product development group is committed to developing and improving membranes and membrane modules. Particularly in the wine and beverage sector we are able to adapt module housings and membrane filtration area to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

    Our membrane technology platform uses various processes (TIPS, SIPS, dry-strech, hot melt), combined with a wide range of polymers to chose from. In addition we have a sound reputation in textile membrane make-up configurations; Mulitfiber P.E.T. is just one example.

    The 3M™ Liqui-Flux™ Membrane Modules engineering group has extensive experience in innovative module design and development. The use of professional engineering tools (CFD, CAD) accompanied with the experience in working with a wide range of housing materials and application specific potting techniques enables us to develop the membrane module most suitable for your application.

    Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.