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Flat Sheet and Capillary Filtration Membranes

  • 3M produces a broad range of microporous flat sheet and capillary membranes for use in various industries.

    Our capillary and flat sheet hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes are made from a variety of materials, such as polyethersulfone and polypropylene, to meet highly diversified market requirements. 3M supplies these membranes to filtration module manufacturers or cartridge producers to incorporate into their final products.

    Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane Technology Platform
    Our production technology and controls allow us to fabricate self-supporting PES membranes. By casting an asymmetrical pore structure using the SIPS process, 3M produces a reliable portfolio of microfiltration membrane products in MicroPES and DuraPES.

    Polypropylene (PP) Membrane Technology Platform
    PP hydrophobic polyolefin membranes are produced using a TIPS pro­cess. As a result of this sophisticated manufacturing procedure, 3M™ Flat Membrane MF-PP Series provide high porosity combined with uniform pore dis­tribution throughout the thickness of the membrane.

    3M can also supply flat sheet membranes with customized width which can be slit either from 10’’ or 20’’ wide standard rolls. Slitting equipment is operated under controlled area conditions.

MicroPES™ Membrane

The highly asymmetric pore structure of our MicroPES™ flat sheet membrane offers a high dirt loading capacity, increasing the filtration performance to give higher throughputs and higher flow rates than symmetrical membranes.

We manufacture MicroPES in a flat sheet and capillary configuration.

  • Micro PES flat sheet membrane

    MicroPES™ Flat Sheet Membrane

    Our MicroPES flat sheet membrane is made from a partially sulfonated polyethersulfone polymer. Using our unique manufacturing process, we build multifunctional properties or layers into the pore structure of the membrane. It is important to point out that these layers are created with one manufacturing step. MicroPES flat sheet membrane is available in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.04 to 1.2 µm to meet the requirements of many different specific applications.

  • Micro PES Capillary Membrane

    MicroPES™ Capillary Membrane

    The MicroPES capillary membranes are like their flat sheet counterparts - hydrophilic in nature. Their asymmetric pore structure offers a perfect balance between highly selective filtration characteristics and high fluxes with minimized flux barriers.

DuraPES™ Membrane

DuraPES™ is a highly asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane, which demonstrates excellent throughput and higher durability in many applications such as pharmaceutical and biological filtration, wine clarification, juice filtration and beer filtration.

  • DuraPES Membrane
  • DuraPES membranes are manufactured with a modified MicroPES manufacturing process where a very pronounced anisotropic cross-section pore structure is created.

  • DuraPES Membrane
  • This innovative patented pore structure has significantly improved performance and durability of the membrane particularly in high load applications. This is largely due to the protected separation layer and a unique polymer blend of sulfonated and unsulfonated PES that allows it to remain permanently hydrophilic.

  • Additionally DuraPES has a large pore diameter, which provides a high flux rate with a very low fouling tendency.

MF-PP Series

Hydrophobic membranes of the 3M™ Capillary Membrane MF-PP Series are highly porous, providing excellent chemical compatibility over a wide spectrum of solutions.

We manufacture PP in a flat sheet and capillary configuration.

  • Micro PES flat sheet membrane

    3M™ Flat Membrane MF-PP Series

    Because of their hydrophobic nature, the polypropylene flat membranes are best suited for industrial processes such as gas filtration, chemical processes and photo-resist production as well as for applications in the automotive industry. MF-PP membranes also have high temperature resistance and low extractable levels, making them ideal for many industries.

Since polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon material, there are no disposal problems relating to halogen content with MF-PP Series flat membranes in contrast with other hydrophobic membranes such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, Teflon).

  • 3M Capillary Membrane MF-PP Series

    3M™ Capillary Membrane MF-PP Series

    Capillary and tubular membrane MF-PP Series. Inner diameters range from 50 µm to 5500 µm. These capillary membranes are widely used in the food and beverage industry, in waste water filtration and sterile filtration. MF-PP Series capillary membranes are also ideal for use in heavy-duty filtration applications where the solutions are chemically or mechanically aggressive.