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Roll of 3M™ Duraporeᵀᴹ Advanced Surgical Tape held by hand
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Meet 3Mᵀᴹ Duraporeᵀᴹ Advanced Surgical Tape.

A class-leading high-adhesion tape for critical applications

Securement in critical applications is inherently difficult. There are different surfaces to consider, like skin and a device or tube, and also factors like sweat, saliva and moisture that can compromise adhesion. When you need adhesive technology you can count on, you need the power of 3M™ Durapore™ Advanced Surgical Tape.

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    Exceptional adhesion in challenging conditions.

    While other medical tapes may lose adhesion on oily or diaphoretic skin, or in high-moisture environments, Durapore Advanced Tape is better at maintaining adhesion.¹

  • Adhesive minimal edge lift icon

    Minimal edge lift.

    Edge lift can lead to adhesion failure, which in turn can increase the risk of extubation or dislodgement. In several studies, Durapore Advanced Tape demonstrated minimal edge lift or adhesive weakening after 72 hours of wear.¹ ²

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    Adheres to skin, tubes, devices and itself.

    Adhesives in critical applications and/or challenging conditions must be able to secure in several modes: to skin, to tubes, to devices and to their own backing. While other medical tapes can fail in one or more of these modes, Durapore Advanced Tape adheres consistently in all of them.

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See the power of purple in action.

  • Durapore Advanced Tape and a competitive tape adhered to diaphoretic skin

    Exercise test

  • Comparison of Durapore Advanced Tape to competitive tapes in a high-moisture test chamber

    High-moisture environment test

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Diaphoretic skin texture

Think Skin Deeper

Find out how thinking skin first can help impact outcomes and improve experiences.

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  • References

    ¹3M data on file. EM-05-014441.

    ²3M data on file. EM-05-014427.

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For product details, visit the specifications page.
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