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Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from clinicians who rely on Tegaderm™ CHG Dressings to improve outcomes.

Clinicians rely on 3M™ Tegaderm™ CHG Chlorhexidine Gluconate I.V. Securement Dressing to help improve outcomes and reduce the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI). Hear success stories from clinicians in the areas of infection prevention, vascular access, nursing and education.

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Infection Prevention

  • Infection Prevention Specialist
    Teaching Hospital and Level 1 Adult Trauma Center, Wisconsin

    “Compliance with [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] soared and we were able to provide a safer environment for our patients.””

  • Director of Clinical Outcomes, Infection Prevention and Vascular Access Services Nurse Manager
    Large Acute Care Hospital, Florida

    “We switched to [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] from another CHG product. Being able to visualize the insertion site while still maintaining a CHG barrier has been amazing!“

  • Infection Preventionist
    Regional Medical Center, Texas

    “It's a no brainer. It's all-inclusive. It's all there [including] extra tape and you don't waste material, because oftentimes, it's one and done! It sticks and sticks down really well! We love it!“

  • Quality Coach - Infection Prevention
    Level II Trauma Center, Ohio

    “The number one advantage [of using Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressings] voiced by the staff was the vital ability to assess the insertion site of the central line at all times vs. only once weekly when the disk CHG was in use.“

  • Infection Prevention Nurse
    Community Hospital, Arkansas

    “The team, including nurses and physicians, loved [the Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] because of the site visibility, and not having to place a disc in the right direction. The dressing has made a huge impact in our patient outcomes. We have been below CMS thresholds for years.”

Vascular Access

  • PICC Team, IV Therapy, Vascular Access, Owner
    Acute Care, Southern Ohio

    “the CHG pad, the clearness of it, allows you to have a visualization of your insertion site, which is a nice assessment tool. “

  • Vascular Access Nurse
    Specialized Research Hospital, Florida 

    “[Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressings] allow visualization of the insertion site and the CHG gel pad adheres well to the skin. This has helped decrease central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI).”

  • IV Team
    Community Hospital, North Dakota

    “The [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] has helped our patients by staying in place so well, patients end up with less dressing changes and their skin is less irritated from pulling dressings off and re-cleaning…”

  • IV Team Lead
    Acute Care Hospital, Arizona

    “Ever since we’ve [implemented the use of Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing], we have been 48 months CLABSI free. Absolutely, positively fantastic for us. We love the product. I can’t speak more highly of it.“

  • PICC Team
    Level I Trauma and Large Academic Medical Center, South Carolina

    “The [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] gives an extra layer of security and [germ fighting] and [it is] very easy to use.”

  • House Supervisor/PICC Team/Labor & Delivery Nurse
    Community Hospital, Minnesota

    “For any facility considering switching to [the Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing], I would HIGHLY recommend it. [I have] seen several different dressing options in my tenure, and I'm confident the [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] provides the best option for CLABSI... “

  • System Nurse Manager
    Acute Care Teaching Hospital, Pennsylvania

    “With this and other best practices implemented, we have seen an 85% reduction in CLABSIs across our health system with some campuses having multiple years at zero occurrences.”

  • PICC Team Manager
    Large Academic Health Center, South Carolina

    "I absolutely love the [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing]…[We have] been using it at our hospital for 11 years now."

  • National Clinical Director/Account Executive
    IV Services Company reaching 12 states

    “We have seen the clinical excellence when [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing and 3M™ Curos™ Disinfecting Caps] are utilized in the race to zero infections.”

  • Vascular Access Team
    Community Hospital, Texas

    “We use the [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] because it allows us to visualize the insertion site while knowing we are getting the continuous antimicrobial protection with the gel [pad].”

  • PICC Nurse
    Large Hospital, California

    “The facility I work at particularly likes [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] for patients with coagulopathy issues because of the amount of exudate it can hold, without a necessary PRN dressing change.“

  • Vascular Access Team
    Large Community Hospital, Washington

    “What I like most about [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] is the easy application. It’s a one-step application, you don’t have to touch the insertion site even with sterile gloves and it’s really easy to teach.”


  • Nurse Anesthetist
    Community Hospital, Illinois

    “The large surface area of the antimicrobial gel pad on the [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] allows us to cover both the insertion site of the central line catheter and the suture sites on the skin…”

  • Clinical Practice Leader - Burns Services
    Regional Burn Center, Georgia

    “Utilizing this product in our burn center has become an integral part of CLABSI prevention, improving patient outcomes.”

  • Registered Nurse
    Large Magnet Hospital, Florida

    “It’s been great when they come back in and the [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing Gel Pad] is secured and the line and the dressing itself is in the same place you put it…We’ve seen a decrease in our CLABSI rates.”

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, Oncology
    Large Community Hospital, Nebraska

    “We really like the visibility of the insertion site, the adequate coverage and antimicrobial protection the gel pad provides and the adherence [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] gives to challenging lines and anatomical locations.”


  • Nursing Education Coordinator, OR Research and Project Manager
    Regional Medical Center, Iowa

    “The [Tegaderm™ CHG I.V. Securement Dressing] was superior for several reasons: overall user-friendliness, price and supply chain process for adding to an insertion or dressing change kit.“

  • Critical Care Educator
    Regional Medical Center, Texas

    “…The procedure for dressing removal is specific, simple and effortless for all parties involved. 3M is the expert at making life better.”

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